X Games 16 ESPN!
  • Hell Yeah!!! Just a heads up, been waiting all week.. finally! Who's watching?
  • Schedule for X Games 16 http://j.mp/a1BwbC
  • way too many mx events tonight
  • Anyone know if the skate legends part will be broadcast on Sunday? Lance, Hosoi, Steve... ESPN's site doesn't breakdown the schedule.
  • skateboarding's on at 7:00 pm e.s.t. VERT.
  • It looks like ESPN3.com will be streaming it online only. DAMN YOU ESPN!! The line-up is very impressive; from McGill, Mountain, Cab, Grosso, Alba, Hosio, Miller, Steadham..etc.. That Sucks!! I don't wanna be sitting behind the computer watching this...!!! Anybody know different?
  • i looked thru the tv listings and that event isnt listed for anything on tv so guess u gotta watch it online bucko
  • a mx best whip contest are u fn serious what a waste of tv time!!!
  • X games legends finals Hosoi-86 C.miller-74 Cab-64 J.Grosso-60 Lance-43
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