New way to listen to music!
  • Hey guys, looking for a way to listen to new music while boarding? I just discovered this hoodie by HoodieBuddie. It has built in headphones so there's no more tangling of the strings or lugging around a big boombox. Just plug in to the jack in the pocket and take your music anywhere. It'll be great during the winter when I gotta get my boarding in. Check them out, they will be at ASR in San Diego Aug 13 - 15th. You'll love what you see, it's definitely worth it.
  • Thanks for sharing sk8erK! Here it is on sale @ JCPennys
  • I can never find hoodies in my size at stores. I found my size on their website and got an additional 10% off for liking HoodieBuddie on Facebook.
  • those kind of ear phones annoy me
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