Graffiti Ripper Pics
  • So I decided to try out the Graffiti Ripper. I recently saw some pictures of it, and I got it in my mind that I need to have it! Let me tell you, I'm glad I got it. It's really nice. I'd say it's one of the best new concept boards from PP in a long time. The colorway is great, and the shape is very functional.

    I'm not really a fan of the new school ripper size and shape - it's pretty gigantic at 10" - too big for me anyway. The 9" Graffiti Ripper is right in my wheelhouse. It's got a nice shape that narrows out in the tail, and it's 9" at it's widest point. I put 8.5" Theeve's on there, and 55mm STF's.

    It's almost too pretty to skate! I might just order another one for a backup/keeper...

    QUESTION: It's got a 'VCJ' signature on it - did he do this graphic? Obviously he did the ripper in the 80's, but did he add the mask?




  • Not sure but sweet set-up cwalker3. Anybody? Bueller..... Bueller.....
  • Looks like a fun set-up. Now get rippin!
  • Sick looking deck man. I'm so lad you posted the top and bottom pics with trucks, I have been lookin for a shot like that
  • yeah it looks great, i didnt notice all the detail in the background before. great pic's. looks really skateable. im diggin it.
    my guess is, he didnt have anything to do with the mask but he still created the original and has his logo on it. if he did.. they really need to advertise its a concept he drew and never got produced, that would add alot of value to the board, but im willing to bet he didnt.
  • I love mine! If I had to have just 1 board, this is it - very
    functionable, for all around riding/terrain... I did drill a
    lengthened wheelbase up forward to help give more of a
    personal stability, "surf" feel to GR, but it works as is, too.
  • It rides fantastic. I ride 8.5 popsicles, but prefer something a little wider for Landsdowne. This is perfect.

    With regard to VCJ, in Disposable he said that he'd been submitting stuff to Powell. Maybe they took him up on something? It's just odd how prominent the initials are. Ima email Kam if he doesn't chime in.
  • which disposable? 2nd edition? i dont remember seeing anything about that in part 1.
  • I'm pretty sure part 2. Court has a full page or two that he wrote up.
  • The Graffiti Ripper was done by Nitro, who added the graffiti and mask to VCJ's Ripper. I also heard that VCJ is no longer doing art for PPS. Bummer as I have most of those decks he did with them. Would be nice to have him do some new stuff for PP, but nothing yet in the works guys. Keep wishing. I'll keep my fingers crossed.
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