• and 101a is actually 104d
  • Jeepers Creepers....



    Where'd Ya get those Reapers ????
  • Ok lets see... I love 97a as a standard for PERFECT balance of hardness and grip for ramps, street and whatever else. If i had to stray id only accept a 95a for just sidewalk surfing

    So in the new bones ratings what is the closest match to a 97a?

    Sorry i've been out of the skating scene since '89'
  • id say atf or spf u cant go wrong with either ones
  • The DTF is 95a (or 75b).The STF is 103a (83b) The SPF is 104a(84b).The DTF is probably going to be my all around wheel on my smaller boards from now on.They are quiet and ride like a softer wheel but are fast enough for ramps and parks.The ATF's are (a guess) 80a...I love these for asphalt or beat up concrete.This is what I ride aside from my T-Bones,Crossbones and Mini-Cubics !!! Cheers !!!
  • perfect!

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