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  • I heard from a significant source that the Tommy Guerrero Re-Issue is coming, he wouldn't elaborate about which model - but IT IS coming.
  • Wow.... I'm almost speechless.... That would be amazing! Thanks for the info bro!
  • Killer! Id love to have another
    pink background with blue colorway!
  • cool .. im in for one of those fo sho`

    another ltd ed is my guess.
  • sweet. can't wait. pink or black would be awesome. still dreaming for the McGill Snakeskin and Hawk Iron Cross tho :( prob never happen
  • fingers crossed for a flaming sword ;)
  • I wonder if Stacey had the fellas sign off on their boards after the shoot of the doco? I'm sure we are in for a long
    awaited treat for all of us on hear. If all the Bones Brigade boards were reissued together for a limited run, I my self would buy two of each. One to ride and one to hang.
  • yeah, let's hope it's the flaming sword. such a sweet deck. i can't afford the ones on ebay :( damn i need to be rich. i agree boner, i'd buy two of each as well.
  • definitely a dope idea for sure
  • Would be awesome to see a re-isssue of any of the Guerrero's, i'll buy 2 for sure!
  • Nothing crazy new, just rebirthing past topics
    photo large_61361_RealSkateboardsTommyGuerreroTGReissueShapedRedDeck_zpsgwzr9z9n.jpg
  • What happened to BS with TG?  
  • guess it was just a bunch of BS
  • That sucks, he was funny.
  • Love that red TG @mudslingerskates.  Looks great in that color.
  • It's odd. In these old threads the Doc's all excited about reissues and not constantly "for fuxache"-ing
  • excited you say..

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