Steve Cab is rad
  • This past Friday I had the great pleasure of meeting Steve Caballero at the Portland stop of the Dew Tour. I have been a fan of his for the past 27 yrs. I got to see him skate back in the late 80's at the Raging Waters ramp, but never got to meet him. I brought along my reissue Animal Chin Caballero deck in hoped that I could get it autographed. Here are some pics.
    The legend
    Getting it signed
    Super stoked
    Hanging up for safe keeping.
  • you look stoked as, great job..

    Cab, the peoples skater!
  • 27yrs in the making! He must love meeting us old schoolers on his tours.
  • He was really nice and cool to talk to.
  • Killer story Brian! hey where did you get that shadow box at??
  • I found it at Craft Warehouse. It only fits boards up to 30" long
  • very nice!
  • nice. that was a good day..cherish that deck. ;)
  • Very cool. I got to meet him way back in 1989. He took the time to sign stuff and talk to everyone back then. Cab is very cool.

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