Lance Mountain and Powell Peralta?
  • You guys think Lance will ever go back to Powell Peralta? Flip have one of the best skaters of all time on their team and they do nothing for him.
  • never say never i mean mike v came back so anything is possible
  • I would love to see Lance back under the powell banner..!
  • Maybe a Flip/ Powell Peralta merge will happen.. Flipping Powell Peralta

    Powell Flipping Peralta
  • let's hope not if anything id like to see birdhouse under skate one dist
  • Yea, that would be awesome....on both accounts. Birdhouse under the SOC umbrella, and Lance coming "home".

    Being a big sports fan, I love seeing players return to their original team....I guess I am very nostalgic, which really is what a lot of this movement is about. Seeing Lance back with PP would really be huge, especially if somehow Tony was re-associated.
  • well lance is already on bones bearings so he technically still has something to do with skate one
  • True, but if he came back to PP there are new decks. Imagine a modern deck with the Crest or FP graphics.....drool,
  • For some reason, l feel this will eventually happen. If Cab and Stacey sat him down and had a chat with him...
  • Didn't Flip built that pool in his backyard?
  • Birdhouse under SOC would be cool..

    market dominance may still once again be on the cards for PP
  • I agree Lance back with P&P would be great!. maybe someone should ask him and see what his thoughts are
  • FP re issue. Bring it!!

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