Oval Dragon or Winged Ripper?
  • Which one do you like on the top of your deck? 

    The oval dragon rules.

    The winged ripper doesn't look as cool on the top.
  • Damn good question.... but I'd have to agree as well, the oval dragon bro does it for me.
  • Winged ripper for me
  • Oval Dragon.

    Full color Winged Ripper is cool too but looks bland in 1 or 2 colors.
  • Depends on the deck.  Pig decks, mid 80s, oval dragon.  Late 80s, early 90s, winged ripper.  I wasn't a fan of the winged ripper off shoots, where the ripper was replaced by something from the bottom screen, like the doughboy.
  • Coloured winged ripper for me. Especially on a black dipped deck.


  • Oval Dragon with Clear grip tape.
    Does not matter with black grip tape.
  • Oval dragon, and Myren you just don't grip over the top graphic, 80s style.
  • I have a Skull & Sword contemporary shape and I didn't cover the dragon.
  • Gold oval dragon is my pref
    80's style I used clear grip for a few of my decks from back then and covered the entire thing.
    But now with the non hanger ones I cover it, or leave a small line and you can see part of the logo. (I know It should be showing, but I am just lazy and it also makes it easy when skating switch.)

    But to do the cut out like back in the day, the Oval dragon.
  • ripper for me
  • I agree with ya Billy.. the oval dragon is the bomb

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