wheel wells

    I have read your comments on the cost of wheel wells on
    message boards; labor would jump that to around 80 dollars a deck. Can you as a
    company do this once a year in the slow season to grow sales and give workers
    more hours. If Once a year special reissues with wheel wells were released you
    would sell all as collector’s decks and as for me rider decks. Even in these
    times I would pay the extra cost for the labor. I have 20 of your decks. the
    ones I want to ride I buy two of. I have 4 set up and ride every day. With no
    wheel wells I have to use risers and smaller wheels. I have sent you pictures of
    wheel bite on my deck and talked with your company on the phone about this. If
    wheel wells were back I would skate more and I see all the old companies coming
    back in the last year with everything, deck rails, skids ,deck,  gullwing  trucks pro 3and so on. There are skate park everywhere
    again let’s stop collecting and start using these skateboards. I am 47 years
    old and this has been my passion since I was 6 years old. For all of us that
    love the sport please see what you can do.

  • those ppl who work on the decks have a pretty heavy schedule as it is and powell product is always in demand. riser pads should be used anyway but u cant really technically prevent wheel bite cause it will happen one way or the other risers do help though
  • Try using Bones Hard Bushings (Black).  They will reduce wheel bite, but you have to like your trucks tight, which I do.  Wheel bite is going to happen, but you can reduce it. 
  • Ive been riding since I was 7 & I like collecting

    I like wheel wells as well though :)

  • Sweet McGill Doc! True, risers & tighten up those trucks bro.
  • I when I resumed skating in 2006 I had a few wheel bite slams, so the next deck I bought was a flip Lance Mountain with wheel wells (loved that deck). I still got wheel bite marks but I don't think it stopped me. Next I ordered a custom deck with wheel wells and it showed up without them... so I skated it anyway and again had the bite marks but no issues. For me I think going fast and hard wheels is the answer. All my decks since have bite marks but I haven't got pitched on my side just carving through a corner for years now.

    That said, re-ish decks should have them just for authenticity sake and they look cool!

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