Shouldn't we have a WANTED or FOR SALE section on here somewhere??
  • welcome. for starters the reissues will be marked as such. but if it's been "modified" it can be harder to tell. i don't recall powell ever reissuing the mcgill in pink however, so i think your good to go. NOS stands for new original stock anyway so if it's been modified it's not NOS to begin with
  • they did a mcgill in hot pink a few years ago
  • I stand corrected... Don't remember that one, thanks Bill!
  • So I mighta gotten burned...I mean it is all colored on and I just want to refine my restoration skills....$26.00..well $36.00 with shpping.....naw I'm good...small investment for a challenge...could be worse...
  • first test it should pass is the bolt pattern

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