• How's it going, i'm new here to the forums but i've been lurking for awhile. I'm like everybody else, been skating for 25 years & still love it as much today as the first time at age 11. I'm not a collector but totally respect it! I'm a dad of 3, mainly teenagers now. My oldest son started skating bout 10 months ago. We go skate 4-5 times a week. It's been a fountain of youth for myself lol! I've taught him ollies, bomb-drops, boneless. Eventually kickflips & other tricks more difficult. Just wanted to say hello to everyone. Thank you for your time & skate hard! Later
  • welcome and have fun!
  • Welcome to the forum mate, enjoy!

  • Welcome brotha! Keeping the tradition alive.... Priceless! Shred on....
  • Thank you all very much! It's still fun to talk about the "good ole' days!" lol! I'm super anxious for the new Bartie crow board to be out! I don't know if any of you caught i, but in a Hoffart interview i read he said a new team only video was coming out in the fall besides the new Bones 2 vid. He also said Josh Hawkins was gonna have a board out then cause he's turning pro! Any of you heard anything on this info? I'm soooo hoping it's all correct!
  • yea i read it a couple months ago i think brad mcclain might be another pro too since he was just given his own shape
  • Very interesting, i wouldn't mind seeing him,Hawkins & Reeves all turn pro. I think they have paid their dues now. I got an official answer on the Bartie boards, they are waiting for final colorway approval then production,so it'll be more like around the 1st of August. Kinda bummed but a lil longer is ok. Thanks for the welcomes also very much. Ive been ill the last couple days & hoping i can stand to ride in the blistering heat again soon. The humidity sucks here in the south during the summer.
  • Get well brother! I know what you mean, I live here in South Texas & the heat + humidity = hell on earth almost lol...
  • over here in maryland it has been over 100 and we  been having power outages and transformers blowing up left and right
  • from a welcome post to whose the next pro to the weather lol

    I can picture you all sitting in a salon getting your hair done & solving earths issues, at the same time deciding who the next pro is :p
  • Pass the cucumber slices please....lol
  • Lmao!! I need to take myself & my boys for a trim actually! After a 6 day hiatus, finally got a great, much needed session. But it would be nice if more details was explained. I feel that this is one of the best Brigade teams Powell-Peralta has had in a little while. I've watched the skateboard mags straight to the internet.
  • Sorry, smart phone being dumb... but i've watched that short film the skateboard mag put out, it gets me super amped still everytime for a good skate! So i'm VERY anxious for the new releases on dvd later in this year.

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