Powell Peralta/Mini Logo Concaves
  • Anyone on this forum in the know if we'll ever get decks with a medium concave again?
  • well what concave number would that be lol
  • I mean all you can get is decks with the K12 and K15 concaves, which are both very steep.  They got rid of the Ki11 concave.  I was just wondering if there was any chance of a medium concave being brought back, It seems to me that the majority of the skaters out there prefer a medium concave over a steep one.
  • well the k12 has been popular for a long time and all i did see in the minilogo line was the k12 and k15 here is the concave chart http://www.skateone.com/manufacturing/ yea alot of ppl like medium although with me the more the better

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