• I have a set of reissue rat bones 90a that I can powerslide on.  I have a set of 90a Oval Dragons that I can't powerslide on.  Strange! I also have a set of black rat bones 2 that are 97a and a white set.  The black ones seem harder and slide better than the white ones.  Strange!  Anyone else notice this?  This is not meant as a complaint, I love all bones and powell wheels. They are the best.
  • man, pre orders n shit are going on .. we dont care about your wheels sliding right now lol  :p

  • If you go fast enough there are no problems, everything slides!
  • You can't powerslide the Oval Dragons because 90a is pretty soft, there're not meant for that.  As for your Rat Bones maybe one of the sets are pool formula.

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