Mini Logo 8.75"
  • I have been skating the mini logo 8.5", but I would love for them to make a 8.75".  Make it the same shape as the Rodriguez Now Skull & Sword.  Who else would buy one?
  • I have been riding the 8.5" Mini logo and dig it. Just got a Hoffart Beanie Skull Cap 8.5" and dig it alot. If I was riding more vert I would ride the 8.75". I have one set up now but do not ride vert much so I have been sticking with the 8.5".
  • I would pay twice the amount for the 181 shape, but only 8.75 instead of 8.5 wide. The 181 extra nose length, concave, and wheelbase - perfect. Just wish it had the extra 1/4" width.

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