Wheel comparison for bowl
  • I am a fairly new skater at the age of 41.  I am learning bowl and want to move up to a larger wheel.

    Being that I ride concrete and wood (not skatelight) bowls what are your thoughts on...

    Powell G Bones II - 64 mm 97a        vs       Powell mini cube 64 mm 95a        vs      Powell pool bombers  64mm  95a

    I want to balance speed and grip.
  • the harder the wheel the faster u go
  • youll lack grip tho
  • That is my problem.  I was thinking that the larger size should help with speed and offset some of the loss from the softness.
  • imo its best to have a set of wheels to suit each place you ride.. some bowls & parks over my way have more paint on them than others & vica versa
  • some spfs would be good for u

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