vertical skating
  • wish it was still in the forefront of skating() rails and nollies ? SL ? Stairs ?   seems boring to me !
  • in the early days we street skated after vert sessions! maybe an hour or a downhill run to end the day !
  • I really dig on vert skating still too..but I also like seeing crazy gaps and stairs being taken on, and skaters grinding stuff that seem too long or that look impossible getting in a position to grind said grind stuff
  • Randumb posting of an old 1991 Vert contest. Fun to watch:

    Hawk, Cab, D Way are in this section.
  • And the final runs of the contest.
  • I guess that's why I never really cared for vert skating.  When I watch vert, especially back then, I see frontside indy, frontside stale, frontside mute, backside mute, allyoop, McTwist, frontside indy tweak, backside railside.  Next skater, same run, next skater, same run.  It's a bunch of 180* variants, always seemed boring to me.  Even watching the videos, I would watch the whole thing the first viewing, then every time after I would FFW through the vert stuff.

  • Is Hawk riding one of those double kicktail toe knee hawk boards?

  • try a backside air on vert and you will see -all skating is repetitive like your street skating rail s rails rail s !!!
  • Wow. lol
  • Bermyskater, I think he is skating one of those Toe Knee Hawk double kick boards.

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