whats your skate shoe of choice?
  • I like to change allegiances with the shoes I wear to skate, I jump from dc, globe (although I find the ones that are durable enough to take a beating are a bit heavy on my feet), vans and emericas..I used to get airwalks too but they're becoming increasingly hard to get in Australia. But my favorite are dc's for durability, comfort and most importantly for me, they're light on my feet
  • airwalk,globe,dc,etnies,vans
  • Nike SB, Vans, Nike Airs & some old school Jordan's....
  • vans half cabs
  • Airwalk, DC's and Converse.
  • Vans TNT 5
  • Airwalk and chucks. I have a pair of old disaster Airwalk I skate with, I still wear chucks daily so I skate with them too.
  • Used to be Nike's, Cause I saw Alva sport them back in the day.. haha

    Now it's all Vans, all the time...

    Great shoes...
  • Airwalks fo sho
  • Lakai Manchester Selects.  It's actually in my head at this point that I can't do anything without them.
  • I like Vans, usually a mid, but am skating a No School low now and I like 'em. 

  • Jordan retro 1

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