Goddamn sweatpants!
  • Alright guys, Thrasher has come out with some sweats and I think the time is right for Powell to re-issue theirs! Seems like the snakeskin re-issue might be a lost cause so... lets rally behind getting what's really important.. some goddamn sweats!! ;)
  • Show us a pic before I jump on this bandwagon
  • Yes! I'm definitely on that bandwagon..bring em back! I'll take a pair of black skate & destroy's and the rats bones in grey thank you!
  • Yea, the sweatpants street awesome to skate in. Although I was partial to skate rags. Then skidz, even though they were trendy and douchy, skidz were great to skate in.
  • Boggles my mind they haven't brought em back! They'd sell for sure and would've been perfect for the winter catalog. Thrasher's came out last week and have already sold out!
  • I've got the sweatpants with the bones handplant skeleton going down the legs in black. Also got the rat bones in black but I cut them into shorts in 88'. I would buy some if they made them.
  • I might but did u feel it needed to take God's name in vain brother? Young kids & folks with religious views & beliefs frequent here.
  • no offense meant
  • Damn the devil to hell....
  • the devil is against P/P sweats
  • Oh snap! Nice one Chris! LMAO!!!
  • what they should do is start taking pre orders

  • Yea, then we can get them faster, for cheaper, from calsk8.
  • hahahaha, so rad
  • bring on the sweats! it'll HELP make up for the doc/reissue debacle.... maybe
  • So P/P posted a pic of sweats on FB and George himself commented that they've been looking for the Og garment or something close to it at least... He asked for input. If you want some sweats voice your opinion, let's get it done
  • The insta pic in case you were wondering


    Im willing to bet though that the correct shaped decks, McGill snakeskin etc would sell better than the pants would.
    But thats just me..
  • Hell yeah!! Those rock!! Damn, I better start saving for x-mas hahaha!
  • Haha I saw these this morning, I was wondering how long it would take for the pic to get uploaded here. My two cents is make em cheap enough so I won't feel guilty wearing them around the house and get rid of the elastic around the ankles
  • Super stoked for these... hopefully the snakeskin bottle nose will soon follow
  • Make shorts out of them too!

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