Petition for deck shape 174 to be released
  • Deck shape 174
    Width 8.375"
    Length 32.5"
    Wheelbase 14.5"
    Tail 6.75"
    Nose 7"

    This deck would be killer!
  • And a medium concave brought back.
  • That'd be sick! Do you remember when it last was made? I been begging for the same thing and or in 8.5" like shape 171 was, but w/ a K15 concave and this 14.5"WB. I'd take either concave as long as the WB and length are right. Good call on this 174 man! 
  • I would be all for it....all though I'm really wanting an 8.5 deck, no longer than 32", and good concave.  I've had to step away from PP for a popsicle that I like. 

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