Dragon & Bats
  • Back when it was originally released in 87 it had an oval dragon on top. Why does the reissue D&B come with the winged ripper on top? I'm just a fan of the oval dragon and wish the reissue had one.
  • Most of the reissues do SK8ER, I was a bit pissed that my grey welinder had a ripper on it as well?! 

    Strangely enough I believe all of the Bones Brigade reissues have dragon top logos?!
  • The Ray Bones 8.75" red dipped deck had the dragon on top. I saw one a friend of mine had for sale and it looked awesome on a big popsicle.
    I'll look for it and post the pic.
  • I've had two New School Ray Bones decks and the oval dragon is rad on top. Wish they would have put it on the 8.5 Chin Mask that I just got.
  • Back in the day the "Bonite boards" would have the dragon & the 7 ply decks would have ripper wings on top
  • Did they stop offering the 8.75" Ray Bones deck? It's not on the site.
  • I think so. It's a bummer. They've been discontinuing alot of stuff that makes no sense. No more Thin Ribs either. Got news from a skate shop that Skate One told them they were being discontinued. Also it's weird that they discont. the only 8.75" deck they have right after they come out w/ an 8.75" truck. =) (btw - Mini Logo trucks are the best trucks I've skated in 25 years, true story. Gave up on my Indy's, Theeve's etc)

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