Pink Moutain
  • I started a new thread because the old Mountain thread threw a malware alert in my browser due to links to

    Anyway, cross this one off the bucket list - it was essentially my holy grail.
  • I was going for a 1988-ish FP, hence the G Bones.  I got a Hawk with the same color setup for Christmas that year, always wanted a Mountain like it.  Only difference is it would have had the winged ripper.  
  • That bitchin!
  • That's awesome, perfect setup.  
  • Are you going to ride this one?
  • Sadly I'm not going to ride this one.  I am riding the green one though.  It's flexy, but all I do is cruise on it.  I skate popsicles for real work.
  • Yea I know what you mean. I have a Mike V deck I mess around on and I all other skating is on the new stuff as well.

    The set up looks really nice.
  • love the trucks
  • Absolutely Perfect!!.   I see a G Bones trend here alot lately.  Im all about the '88' myself, best year of my life. You guys think the rat bones'' '' fit in there as well as the G Bones?     Id love the exact same with rat bones and blue grip.  Its not a bad idea to keep your distance from me with that set up CWALKER3 id accidentally nabb that set up off of you in a heart beat :)
  • if it goes missing we know who to blame^^^^^^^
  • That looks killer Walky.. velly noice
  • CWALKER3  How did you do such a great job on the griptape, the edges look perfect.
  • I just use a dull file to mark the edge, and a new sharp razor blade.
  • Stanley knives are the way to go
  • I'm trying to set up my pink Mountain similarly. I have the blue Powell tailbone, and NOS rib bones, pink Cross Bones. All I need is the blue nosebone and risers. Where did you get those blue risers??

    Sick looking setup!
  • What size tail bone would fit the reissue hawk, 8.75 or 9.0 ?
  • You can get blue tracker risers on ebay, they have the old school bolt pattern. I might have some extra ones.
  • So since there is talk of set ups here, I have a question for everyone.I just got a NOS Ray Underhill Iron Cross deck for $26. (Guess no one wanted to bid on it) I am going to set it up and ride it. I have some old '90's Gullwing Street Shadow Trucks and some old T Bones I will be setting it up with. So the question is would you use Rat Nuts (Sex Bolds) or just wood screws for the rails?
  • wood screws suck, i'd go with sex bolts
  • CHRISAK - has Vision risers in blue.  My rails are rib bones too.  I've struck out trying to find a blue tail so far.  Are you using original Cross Bones, or the bigger, skinnier ones?  I love the originals...

    MYREN - definitely go for rat nuts!
  • Yep old school bolts are the way to go
  • wood screws for me always ended up coming out.. use to annoy me as as kid lol
  • Thanks, I was leaning toward the Rat Nuts for the get go. But thought I would ask seeing as I did not have any on hand.
    So I just got some Rat Nuts off Eblah. I will post a photo when I have everything set up. Hopping to have the deck in this week.

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