T Bones re issue
  • Id love to see the re issue of the T Bones wheels. I know they were huge at 67mm. i still love em.
     Ive got a pair of the "i call em T Bone 2's". The 98a is a killer ride!
  • I wish they would make the original rat bones in a PF.
  • I'd be up for some t bone reissues, would be good for cruisin
  • Don't think they will seeing as they where Tony's wheels. And G Bones are they same-ish. Good luck trying to pop an ollie with those things too.
  • Tonys huh?   Like literally a tony own the rights thing or a vert thing.  Yeh they do tend to make ollies a litter harder.
    Something about a set of T Bones and Indys look so Killer to me! I slapped mine back on my Mech Cab Dragon last night!
    98a feels sooooo good to me. I mounted em a little tight "just barely" Bones Reds Perfect sound, just enough grip and good slip :)
  • It's still really easy to get originals for very cheap.  Go to oldschoolskates.com.  
  • Thanks for the heads up cwalker, just made an order for a few sets of g bone colours that I thought were lost to the ages, plus a set of black Santa Cruz oj II streets. Only $7.95 per wheel is an absolute steal!
  • Ozzie at old school is legit.  Good people.  I got their URL from Powell, a few years ago they had them as a stock source on the SkateOne site.  It's where I get all of my OG StreetStyle wheels.
  • yeah, thats a killer site. i bought quite a bit from them about ten years ago when they had a pretty large deck inventory... before prices went through the roof and everyone started collecting

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