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Aera Skateboard Truck Assembly K3/K4 Custom (Set of 2)

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"The Aera K3 and K4 are back in stock for their respective 10 year anniversaries, and we’re so happy to bring these legends back to life.

The K3 came out in 2010 and quickly became not only a World Championship winner, but also a freeride favorite. The K4 came out in 2012 and similarly arrived directly on the podiums and slopestyle events. There continue to be hundreds of sets still being skated more than 10 years later. From 100km/h speeds down to cruising and carving the streets freeriding, these trucks are timeless.

These revived K3 and K4 are narrower than the originals, and the K4 comes in a 150mm hanger width, and the K3 comes in at 160mm. We install axle stubs which increase the width from there so that breaks down to:

K3 (160mm hanger):

164mm - 4MM Axles

168mm - 6MM Axles

172mm - 8MM Axles

184mm - 14MM Axles

K4 (150mm hanger):

154mm - 4MM Axles

158mm - 6MM Axles

162mm - 8MM Axles

174mm - 14MM Axles

ALL K1, K2, K3, and K4 hangers and baseplates are compatible YOU CAN MIX AND MATCH HANGERS AND BASES INCLUDING OLD STOCK.

Please add “Assembled” in the notes if you wish for us to install the axles at our factory.

If you have set-up or axle installation questions, please contact Kevin Reimer @Aerakrimes”



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Brand Aera Trucks
Truck Width Custom
Truck Make Aera Trucks

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Customer Questions
How much rake do the K3s and K4s hangers have?
The K3 and K4 have different amounts of rake, beyond their 10mm width difference. The K4 has more than double the rake of the K3, landing at 4mm. Rake is an offset of the axle from the bushing seat / pivot and it increases (or decreases) the leverage...
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