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Jordan Hoffart wins Best Trick Contest

July 29, 2009

20090729-jordan-hoffartJordan Hoffart wins Transworld Skateboarding Best Trick Contest at Dew Tour's Skate Open. Hoffart landed a big spin heelflip boardslide to fakie over the Celtics Gap earning him five thousand dollars.Twelve skateboarders were selected to show off their best tricks as part of the Skateboarding Best Trick contest that immediately followed Saturday's Skate Park Finals. The contest format included a twenty-minute jam session on a section of the skateboard park course, which held the Celtics Gap – a basketball hoop-filled gap attributed to contest host city.Hoffart claimed the victory in the Best Trick contest, but the skating was insane from all the skaters that participated. Fabrizio Santos pulled a cab back flip to fakie out of his trick arsenal and Rodolfo Ramos added to the contest with a 180 to switch 50 grind and a 180 out the wrong way. Milton Martinez’s attempted a nollie backside big spin.A five-minute video piece on the Transworld Skateboarding Best Trick contest is posted on Transworld Skateboarding.Photo credit: skatepunk.com
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