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GO Skateboarding Day adventures

1. Cardboard box racing.

Skaters put a cardboard box on their skateboard and race from point A to point B.

They can race down a hill, they can be pushed by a friend, it can be done as relays, whatever works best for the shop. Shops can even have skaters decorate their boxes and have a best looking box contest. Let imaginations run wild. The more FUN, the MORE FUN. The only rules are the ones they set.

Take photos and post using @bonesbearings #goskateboardingday

9 hours ago
If you like to skate a pool, cool! If your passion is a switch flip, rip! & if rolling in a box is fun. Done!

2. Search for Animal Chin

Hide Chin so the skaters can go in Search Of Him, and then find Him for FUN and prizes.

This works like a scavenger hunt.

The more clues skaters have to go through before they find Chin the more FUN. We suggest at least 3 or 4 clues. (Just like when the guys went to Wallows, San Francisco, Bakersfield and the Pink Motel).

Here is a great site to help with different ways to create your clues to find Chin.

We suggest you have the skaters form teams based on how many are participating, and how many prizes you have. Get a phone number from each team, so you can text the teams as each Chin is found.

We will supply each shop with five 13" Animal Chin cutouts. The shop should hide each one anywhere; in the shop, around the shop, at the skatepark, around the block, throughout the town. The back of each cutout is blank, shop should write, YOU HAVE FOUND HIM bring Chin back to __your shop's name___ on the back. Use a permanent marker.

Tell the skaters when they find Him they should bring him back to the store.

Have them take photos with Chin and post using #bonesbrigade @bonesbrigade @powell_peralta #goskateboardingday