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Go Skateboarding Day 2014

    This year we offered skate shops three different opportunities for their Go Skateboarding Day events; Search For Animal Chin Scavenger Hunt, Bones Bearings Cardboard Box races and a chance to win a FREE trip for two to visit us for three days and two nights in Santa Barbara. Apparition from Austin, TX was chosen as the winning shop this year.

    Here are a few of the reports from shops that let us know what they did.

Apparition Skateboards

I want you to know that we had a blast on GSD and it was totally due to Skate One :) The following is my write up about the day:

    I awoke before dawn in an attempt to get Mr. Chin to the two final spots before any shredders could catch a glimpse of me. Java in hand, I hit the road in the newly acquired "skate van" headed to the infamous House Park.

Sunlight had just broke over the city when I arrived, and I see one dude walking out of the park. Circling the lot as he leaves, I see one truck arrive and park. I kick the van to the end of the park and grab the handicap spot next to the bowl. Using the van for cover I am able to carefully sneak to the edge of the park and turn the corner where I find the perfect sized drain hole for Chin to rest his weary head in.

    One more spot and it's one of my favorites (Little Surfer a.k.a. Little Surf Ditch), but it is a ways out so I have to drive to the southwest side of the city to get there. It had been too long since I had seen my friend Lil Surfer, so we had to get re-acquainted; with the cool of the morning not yet gone, it was the perfect time to play catch-up. As I had imagined in my mind, I found the perfect place for Chin under the highway spillbox that connected to Little Surfer. With texts out to the other two homies that were placing Chins around town, it was time to get back to the home base so I could get ready to distribute the clues!

    After hearing back from my pals knowing that the Chins had been secured ;) I patiently wait until 10am and then start Feeding the Clues on Instagram / Faceboook and Twitter. The clues are also printed at the shop and my boy John Cofer arrived early to hold it down; the Hunt was on! We waited and skated and then finally the first Chinstagram post was relayed. Cary Jackson posted he had found one at one of the most fitting spots (Patterson Park mini ramp), a city backed privately funded mini that he himself was responsible for. The others slowly trickled in with the last find of the day being the one placed at house park. Folks called in asking what had been found, homies were passing each other at locations looking for him... it was ridiculous fun!

    Once all Chins were found we met at the shop. We had some cold beverages to combat the days heat and put us in racing mode for the Box Race. Kids were in the shop cutting up fresh boxes they had purchased from U-Haul, drawing and painting, making masks and swords. By closing time we were charged up and ready to go... folks were curious about the location. I piled dudes in the van and others followed us a few blocks to a less than obvious but really rad garage. We arrived and started piling out as I notice security pulling in. "Wait guys!- back in the van!" I told the crew and we chilled for a few minutes... less than 5 minutes later, one of the crew spots the security truck leaving... "okay guys, lets do this!" as I rallied everyone to the upper deck. A quick explaining of the rules, designation of an equal starting point and we all pump out with one push.

    Something like 7 races later we were all sweating profusely and laughing our asses off. The only way this could have been more entertaining was if Lance had been here racing with us himself :)

    We gave out the remaining prizes for the first 5 races and then just bombed together a few more times for the pure joy of it.Then it was time to go; Go Skate Day had managed to bring us together in the best way. We were all smiling, laughing, joking and I could see on everyone's face before we parted ways that we had all become even closer friends than before from the days deeds. GSD 14' ... Great Success!


Action Park Alliance/Rhythm Skate Shop

    Members of the Rhythm Skate Team hopped in the van with Manager Victor Nelson, as they mob the Streets with Animal Chin. Then stopped at a few local parks to hold demos, Bones Bearings BOX Race and Contest.

Crisis Skateboards

    In the beginning of Animal Chin, one of the first spots that the Bones Brigade skated was the famous Wallows Ditch in Hawaii. It was magic! It was the first time I had ever seen anyone skate a ditch before and it opened my eyes to the skate world around me. On GSD 2014 we looked for Animal Chin in 5 super fun ditches around Colorado.

    It was the perfect search for Chin, because as we have learned from him, that it's about the journey AND the destination. There are a lot of ditches in Colorado and only a handful of people actually know about them. This scavenger hunt was a perfect opportunity to send skaters to sick spots on Go Skateboarding Day that were completely out of their normal skate environment. TRUE STOKE.

    We printed 100 flyers that held clues to the ditches where Chin was present. The hunt was not timed and it was encouraged that everyone skate the spots and they did! The look on those kids faces when they came back to the shop was one I knew all too well. They had the same feeling and experience that I had as a kid when I skated the Wallows ditch for the first time! Magic.

    There was a prize package for each ditch so of course not everyone won product, but in the end everyone won the gift of skatespots and skating somewhere new with their friends.

Thanks to you guys Animal Chin lives!

OnTheRun Skateshop


    We had a great time with the Skate One Go Skateboarding Day Events a few days back, everything went really good and all the kids had a great time. Here is what we did:

We Had the Find Animal Chin Scavenger hunt where we hid 5 standups of little Chin all over Kansas City at legendary skate spots and posted this on Instagram and Facebook. We really love the idea of not hiding product so the kids have to bring the stand ups back to our shops to get their prizes. Also there are always too many kids at the area skateparks on days like this so its always good to get the kids in the streets having fun cruising around like Chin intended. We had some helpers stash the stand ups at about 9 am and all were redeemed by 3 pm that day.

    We also did our first ever Bones Swiss Lance Mountain Box Race after our shops closed near the Penn Valley skatepark on a medium sized hill that was race friendly.

    The Lance Mountain Bones Swiss Box Race was a huge success even though we really had no idea what we were doing. Way more people showed up to then we expected, although there were only about 8 people with boxes it didn't matter at all and ended up being a blast and boxes were shared. There was a giant TV box that two people got on top of and of course crashed and also was set on its side and someone got inside but couldn't see out so they rode blind down the hill. Needless to say we had a great time and the event was a huge success and now we have a better idea of how to do it next year.


    The Box race really ended up with a ton of people riding down a hill together for a couple hours with or without boxes and thats all that really matters. Everyone acting like little kids and crashing and laughing. The most important thing we took away from this event is to not take this stuff so seriously, have a loose plan, get a bunch of heads together and barge it! No skateparks just the streets. We can't wait to do it all again next year. Thanks for all the support, as always the kids loved all the promo/prizes.