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These wheels Pro Kevin Reimer Stage 1 72mm Wheel

The 72mm KRF wheel is the expression of an all-around wheel, applicable to racing and gripping turns, but also to fast freeride and stand up slides. When fresh, the centerset shape will give any rider confidence in supper technical and tight turns. This is because the centerset wheel does not have wide outside lips, resulting in easier turn-ins and a smoother slide. When pushed to the limit in high-speed turns you'll find no chatter as you break away into smooth slides. As the 72mm wheel wears down beyond the skin, it will become easier to slide, but still offers traction to ride with hands-down and grip your favorite corners. Once the 72mm has worn down a few millimeters it will become a great stand up and slide and freeride wheel with more traction, meaning you can go indo your slides faster and more predictably with the promise of extra grip and speed control in your slide.

Finally, a wheel to enjoy from top to bottom.

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