BONES BRIGADE: An Autobiography HD Download + Bonus Brigade HD Download

BONES BRIGADE: An Autobiography HD Download + Bonus Brigade HD Download

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BONES BRIGADE: An Autobiography HD Download + Bonus Brigade HD Download

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BONES BRIGADE: An Autobiography HD (3.7GB)
BONUS BRIGADE: Bonus Features HD (4.4GB)
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BrandBones Brigade
Media Released11/12/2012
Media Runtime111 minutes


This film by Stacy Peralta focuses on Steve Caballero, Tommy Guerrero, Tony Hawk, Mike McGill, Lance Mountain and Rodney Mullen.

"The Bones Brigade was a talented gang of teenage outcasts. Unmotivated by fame or popularity, they completely dedicated their lives to a disrespected art form. For most of the 1980s, this misfit crew headed by a 1970s ex-skateboard champion blasted the industry with a mixture of art and raw talent becoming the most popular skateboarding team in history.

The core unit of the Bones Brigade built an empire that covered the world. They dominated contests, made hundreds of thousands of dollars, created the modern skateboard video, reinvented endemic advertising, pushed skate progression into a new era, and set the stage for a totally new form of skating called street style. There's nothing comparable in today's skateboarding"

111 minutes


Almost 3 hours of additional footage that wasn't included in the film.

  • Unseen interviews, stories and interactions on the set
  • Unseen footage covering street skating, skate videos, and other subjects
  • Sundance Film Festival highlights
  • Santa Barbara Film Festival highlights and more

175 minutes

  • HD (720p/AppleTV) or SD (iPhone), DRM-FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOADS
  • HD works great for loading to your computer or tablet


Product Videos

  • Bones Brigade: An Autobiography - Trailer
  • BONUS BRIGADE : a collectors edition of unseen content from BONES BRIGADE : AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY


Customer Reviews

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An extremely short review Review by AJ
Excellent film and bonus content. Glad it's available DRM-free! (Posted on 2/19/2021)
For Educational Use Only.... Review by Dacia
Well, not really, but I will be using this doc in my classroom. I think it’s relevant and necessary to give exposure and a platform to discuss and explore risk, culture (and subculture), innovation, local history, origins and development of a sport, trends, capitalism, pop-culture, fame/celebrity, etc. Skateboarding is one topic that not only covers all of those elements, but also is accessible - everyone knows what it is, but few know anything about it.

This started for me when I called a student’s skateboard a “skate”. Where I teach in SoCal, that apparently is not what kids call it. I went home and thought “why the hell do I call it that?” and it occurred to me that it was a regional thing. Where I’m from, we snowboarded in our youth - and called it “boarding” and “boards”. So skateboards became “skates”. Kids down where I work have no need to use that vernacular.

Anyway, that debacle coupled with some comments about whether I should be wearing a Santa Cruz hoodie (because I don’t skateboard anymore. I’m ok with this) got me thinking, and, another thing occurred to me: these kids get all their shit at Tilly’s and have no fucking idea the origins of what they’re trying to “represent”. One thing that pisses me off is when someone informed laughs and puts down people (especially teens) who aren’t. I ended up starting to develop a whole unit on this inquiry about what kids know about skateboarding. I didn’t go into this thinking I knew a lot either, but I’ve learned a ton and I’m learning more all the time.

So short story long, this doc adds to my library of inquiry on the topic. It’s cool. So thanks. (Posted on 5/16/2019)

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