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Customer Service

Frequently Asked Questions

Opportunities for employment?

Periodically, opportunities for employment with Skate One become available. Please consult our current opportunities.

I would like a dealer application and price list.

After you download the application, please take time to fill it out completely and accurately, as this will be our primary source of information about your business. Incomplete applications cannot be considered. Include any other financial, credit, or marketing information that you believe will be of help to us in reviewing your application for dealership. Please be sure to include photos of your store front, interior and displays.

Please mail or fax the application to:
Skate One Corporation
Attn: Dealer Applications
6860 Cortona Drive Unit B
Goleta, CA, 93117 U.S.A.
Fax: (805) 964-0511

What is your warranty policy?

All Skate One manufactured products are warranted against delamination and/or manufacturing defects for the useful life of the skateboard. If you feel your skateboard or components were defective, you may send it back to us, at the following address, freight prepaid. We will inspect it and let you know of our findings. If we decide your skateboard was defective or failed to give reasonable service, we will replace your deck with a similar, available skateboard of the same or better condition and pay for the shipping back to you.

If our experienced inspector decides your skateboard was not defective and that you just broke it, you will be informed and asked if you want your skateboard sent back to you COD, or destroyed. Before returning a skateboard to us for inspection, please be aware that all wooden decks can be broken as a result of landing a trick incorrectly.

Please contact Customer Service to alert us that you have a potential warranty issue before sending in your skateboard.

All return should be sent to:
Skate One Corp.
Attn: Warranty Returns
6860 Cortona Drive Unit B
Goleta, Ca 93117

Where can I find original Powell-Peralta graphics?

We re-issue some of our most famous graphics from the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, so check our current and Powell-Peralta deck offerings. We also make limited quantities of updated pool and ramp decks with classic graphics that may be available. If you are looking for original “old school” Powell-Peralta decks, then check the internet for what is available. Reputable sources are:

Will you sponsor me?

Thank you for your interest in being part of one of our teams here at Skate One. Being sponsored isn’t only about getting free stuff, it’s also hard work! Changing your status from skater to sponsored skater is the first step towards a career in skating and carries responsibility with it. We require our team to take photos, travel, film for videos, skate in demos, skate in contests, and promote skateboarding and our company as best as they can.

Being sponsored is not a one-way street, where you suddenly start getting high quality skate equipment because you can do a particular trick or know certain pros. Our team members are among the best skaters in the world. They have put years of their lives into skating. Like yourself, most dreamed of getting sponsored and becoming a professional one day. Some started by sending “Sponsor me” videos to skate companies, others were noticed by team managers or other professional skateboarders while they were skating at a popular spot or in a contest. After they became sponsored, they learned to network our contacts, promote themselves, our products and skateboarding, and to help test new, experimental products during development. A few have gone on to become true skate stars because of their incredible talent, dedication, hard work, and our promotion of their achievements. Most have enjoyed the ride for a few years and then gone down other paths in their lives.

A “Sponsor me” video on the internet is a good way to start a relationship with our company. It gives us an opportunity to see your style, how advanced you are, and whether you have the ability to "get it together" to help promote yourself or not. Being a skateboard professional is not all about just being a great skater, it is also about spreading good will, educating, promoting, competing, and traveling. So before you succumb to the temptation of joining the sponsored skater ranks, take the time to decide if you are willing to pay your half of the bill.

Other ways to be noticed are to enter and win contests, travel to other skate spots, skate with other sponsored skaters, and get involved with a local skate shop. If you are seen and your skills and personality are outstanding, people will take notice. At this point you must ask yourself, “am I good enough to be sponsored yet?”

There are many skaters in this world with talent and drive. This means you have to work that much harder to make your dream of becoming a sponsored or professional skater a reality. If you honestly believe you are at a level nearly equal to that of pro skaters, and are interested in becoming part of our team, then please take the time to make a great video about you and your skating. Remember, we receive “Sponsor me” requests every week, and only the great ones will stand out and make us take notice. The others get a polite reply, at best.

Send your request to us at Customer Service. Choose Sponsorship. In the Comment box list the brand you are inquiring about, and provide a link to your video.

How do I maintain/clean/remove my Bones Bearings?

Please refer to and read the “Bearing Maintenance” section. If you have any other questions regarding your bearings, please feel free to contact Customer Service.