Bones Brigade reissue Decks 3rd Colorway?

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Does anyone have any info on the round 3 color ways for the Reissue Decks?


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    I saw a pic of a light blue LMFP.
  • I hope the next cab is natural with a blue dragon or red with a blue dragon.
  • Saw the blue lmfp, looked better than the green or pink...still hoping the last one is black dip, with red graphics.
  • Which site was this on?
  • Skull and bones forum.
  • Just wondering because I am not fond of the green or pink color way for the L Mountain.. I would prefer the Blue of the Black.. Actually the black because I got the Guerrero in Blue..
  • Yea, I really want the Black with red lmfp.  It was my first real deck back in 85, and it took me years to find one on ebay, I found a good one XT, it's not mint but it's in great shape.  I would love a mint one, even if it's a reissue....two actually, one to skate and one to hang.  I bought the green one and the pink one, I plan on buying all 4.  If I can get a black one reissue, I will sell my old XT one in hopes of finding a silver crest deck.  I want a wall of all LM decks, the ones I skated...and still have a new black one to shred.
  • You seem to want that deck pretty freakin bad Chris! Maybe you should get three or four - one to hang, and enough of em to shred until you're either dead or in a wheelchair and can no longer skate
  • I would love classic graphics on a modern shape, a 8.5 x 32 black lmfp would be awesome. I'm taking my daughter to pick out her first board this week, clearly a selfIsh move on my part. If she likes it, more skate time for, us. Right now I'm skating a Creature, prefect size, and I thrashed my last old school deck (hieroglyphics).
  • What size is your perfect size Chris? What model is your Creature board? One of the most important things I look for in a board is the wheelbase. I like 15" wheelbase, comfortable feeling.
  • It's the Bible deck, nice size, it's 8.6 x 32, like 14.5 wheelbase.  It's a great size.  I would honestly like it closer to 31", but it's a great shape.
  • What kind of skating do you mostly get into?
  • Right now just curbs, parking stops, benches, and my driveway.  Pretty much the same street stuff I skated since the mid 80s, I was never a big fan of vert, back then we didn't know anybody who had a vert ramp, so I never really had any time on one.  We had this crappy skate park with a cement pipe, but it was horrible.  I swear it had more vert than flat, we never dropped in, just pumped and even then a rock and roll or grind was about the most we could do on it.  So we stuck to stairs, rails, stuff like that.  The mid 90s I started skating less and less, work and parting got in the way.  By the late 90s I was pretty much down to skating on rare occasions, so I really missed out on the whole transition to 7" decks.  I was still riding my old decks, a Hawk pictograph.  Around '03 I started to pick it back up in my spare time, which quickly dwindled when my Daughter was born.  Then I was regulated to skating while we took our Daughter for a walk in her stroller around the neighborhood.  It's been hard to find the time, but when I get it I pretty much skate a more calm version of the old days.  I don't touch stairs, but still have fun in parking lots and the local park.  It's strange now, I actually have this "respect" for authority, being almost 40....the old "fuck 'em, I'm skating where I want" mentality is gone.  Now I think "Man, I hope nobody comes and says anything to me.".  But now that my Daughter is showing an interest I'm going to get her first board and see how she does.  I'm hoping to take her to the local skate park, or at least get her interested in street.  It will be a win-win, we get Father/Daughter time, and I get some skate time in.  

    She likes going ice skating with her old Dad, so I'm hoping this really gets her going.
  • imagesuppose to be the next hawk
  • CHRIS TRY VERT dude I am 48 and I skate everday body willing  in my backyard on my halfpipe -do it before it s too late !
  • Funny, last year we bought our new house on just over an acre and my first thought was "I could build a mini-ramp.". But I have too many projects right now. Maybe next summer.
  • I like the Red Hawk not a bad color way
  • Pink isn't it? Or my eyes playing tricks on me
  • Looks red to me, but the pink LMFP looked completely different in online pictures than it does in person.  So this Hawk could be purple for all I can tell.
  • looks red to me too or it could be some kind of weird light red that makes it pink or vice versa
  • Man I swear that's the same-ish pink as the 2nd LMFP...where's Animal Chin when you need him?
  • Looks red, if you look at the top side next to it. I think the light shining on the bottom side makes it look pink.
  • Might have to pick that one up. Still hoping for the Chin era shape for the Hawk. I know, never going to happen.
  • Looks red 2 me. I just picked up a pink LM FP looks quite different. Love fav deck ive ever owned. But...god damn its heavy. Why???
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