• whoa! what happened? i thought maybe they were finally bringing back sweatpants or the snakeskin..... thats a drag
  • where'd you come by this info?

  • bummer

  • He's going to ride for elephant.
  • u got evidence for that
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    I am not surprised really. I have been thinking over the last week or so "where are Jordans boards in the Skateone store?". Havent seen them on this site for a while, now we know why.
  • Rumors of the whole team getting dropped have been all over the internet for a few months now and within the last few weeks have really started up again on the skate forums. WTF is going on!
  • I immediately go to Mike Vs thoughts, but have a hard time thinking that is the case. In the end, of you try to run a business based on nostalgia, you will have a limited shelf life. They need to build a team that pushes skateboarding in new directions and Killian needs to be in the forefront. That's what made the bones brigade so important, they pushed the sport, and that's what made teams like sma and world so important in the 90s.
  • I hope they bring back a hoffart reissue, that'd be sweet lol
  • I'm not really surprised that this happened...I'm just shocked a Slap rumor came true. : P
  • haha yea me too
  • so what's the deal? Hoffart's instagram seemed to suggest Hawkins is out too which also seems to suggest they did in fact bag the whole team....
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    only pro model deck on the skateone site to buy is now only Killian...sorry guys. =( 
  • maybe they are getting ready to release new ones but regardless someone is gonna get a promotion
  • if there's anyone around to get a promotion
  • hawkins is gone
  • no more pro powell boards
  • not looking good..
  • what source is that from?

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    chad bartie on facebook

    "Chad Bartie

    There not doing a pro team any longer, tightening up!"

  • fuck..... i don't like it one bit. they had a good team going and instead of nurturing that, they just let it go. everybody rad besides the original brigade they've ever had bailed anyways, i suppose, cause they rarely turned anyone pro. so much for building up the brand again i guess...... just sell fucking pig shapes 
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