PP Reissue Dream Deck

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If George and Stacy called you up and ask you which reissue should be released what would you say? 

I would love to see the Chinese Dragon on a K15 with an extra inch added to the nose. 


  • Ditto that but the Cab & Bats
  • How about a Powell & Metallica collaboration Deck? Kinda like the Jesse Martinez guest deck.
  • hawk claw, guerrero iron gate... or hell just the cab ban this on the o.g. shape
  • Come to think of it, anything other than a pig shape!!
  • well dont know if this qualifies me since i didnt skate during the original pp time but id either want the jason ellis aussie girl reissued or the powell chalk logo
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    1. Snakeskin bottlenose McGills in pink, green and light blue all with blue ripper logo
    2. Green and pink bottlenose hawks with blue ripper logo
    3. Green, light blue and yellow dragon bat cabs
    4. Yellow and white guerrero flaming daggers
    5. Black guerrero iron cross'
    6. Pink, olive/green, black claw hawks

    7. Nosebones, tailbones and rib bones in a range of colors
  • I agree with #7 Slippery.  It would be cool to have some variety in riser pad colors too.
  • I agree with Slippery on everything.

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    Definitely the bottle-nose chicken skull hawk in a variety of colors, Vallely Elephants and also every Barbee graphic. 

    Additionally, it would be soooo nice not to have to bid on ebay for nose/tail/rib bones with missing hardware. I've been dying trying to find a blue nosebone to go with my blue rib/tail bone to finally set up my pink Mountain FP reissue. It's ridiculous. 

    How expensive can it be to reissue a few new plastic components to match up with all the new BB decks?

    Please, George??
  • Dream deck? Hill bulldog shape, mini, lmfp graphics, black dip with red. G&S chromoly trucks, black, black 93a street bones, red rib bones. If we're dreaming.
  • Just release all Powell Peralta decks ( in all shapes), plastics & shirts from day one! Just sayin....or dreamin....
  • Haha I know what you mean Chris. I saw a lightish blue nosebone on eBay earlier this year and knew it was either waiting months/years for the same color to come around again, or bid a stupid amount for it, which I did. Altogether with postage it cost me $30 or so..now to find a black one
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    reissueing stuff all at once would make them bankrupt
  • I'd be happy to see the next bones brigade color ways to be honest
  • What about blanks with the old shapes. 
  • Or at least a timeline of product releases like Jordan does with his retro releases.. Just a thought...
  • Or the option to order a customized shape & graphic like the way you can with surf boards....hey you said dream deck right...
  • Lance Mountain 'streetstyle'... the one with his family crest. Always wanted one. Seemed like they were out for a very short time.
  • I want a pink vato rat with blue oval dragon on topside with wheel wells. That is "my" holy grail deck.
  • Given up on the snakeskin Nick? lol
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  • Yeah... I still want one. But not looking too promising.
  • Keep that Jesse Martinez shape in the rotation.

  • A pink McGill with purple snake skin and a blue winged ripper is my holy grail. With a kick nose. I would take that on the Martinez shape even.
  • Chin ramp Hawk and McGill deck OG shapes .
    Caballero being done again so why not the McGill and Hawk ?
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