Any word on new shirts?

Will there be any new shirts coming out? I would love to see the Mountain FP shirt, Flaming Bones shirt, and the Rat Bones shirt with the 80s circular logo.


  • im guessing decks are their top priority and shirts will be soon i absolutely love the neon stuff that is being done right now the shit is hot hot hot!!!!
  • yeah the neon stuff is cool..... keep it goin. id like a mountain fp shirt too bro............but it aint happenin til lance signs off again on the graphic........doesnt look like thats happening soon.
  • lance just got on spitfire
  • yeah i saw that. did you see the new lance mountain nike sb's coming out? thay have the original c.r stecyk skull graphic from the bones brigade video show on the back of em. and thier orange like the deck was.......sooooooooooo sick.
  • yea i saw them but fuck nike
  • yeah......... i agree. i think the whole thing is shitty i cant argue with u on that. but they are cool looking.
  • i do admit they have some rad colorways but that doesnt want to make me sell my soul and destroy the industry
  • yeah. good point.
  • i wouldnt put those things on my feet if i got paid a million dollars
  • if i had a briefcase with a million dollars in unmarked bills to give u and all u had to do was put on a pair of shoes. i think u might put the shoes on. u could buy yourself alot therapy for a million dollars to recover from the agony of wearing nike shoes. as far as the industry being destroyed..... steve rocco did that in 1990. already been done. "IS" a bunch of corporate whores who dont give a crap about skating let alone lance mountain.this is true. =)
  • i just want that original skull graphic on an orange deck with a gold dragon on top pig shaped with wheel wells. is that too much to ask? =)
  • na i wouldnt take the chance on that deal
  • fair enough.
  • one of my favorite female skaters (elissa steamer) got on nike during the summer after leaving etnies she is a total dumbass for that
  • is that the chick that skates for zero? think she was at a demo at the local park out here in chicago this summer
  • yea her and another girl ride for zero
  • thats what i thought. she was at krush this summer then im pretty sure ,they did a demo tour and i remember that name being on the list. i do remember a girl skating that was tearin it up.
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