Old School Cab Graphics

I see Cab is riding his Original Dragon graphic. That was my first Powell board when i was a kid. I love new school shapes, especially the Mini Logo 8.25x32.5 ik11 concave.. I really would love a OG CAb graphic on a new school shape. Sort of like the Ray Bones Now board...But with a rounder tail..I think that would sell better than any of his newer graphics as his fan base knows him from way back..Most kids dont know his history.

What does everyone else think???


  • thats a great suggestion. we will keep making his OG graphic on the old boards but can not put it on the new school shapes because he rides for the current Powell team. the OG Dragon being a old graphic would not fit in to our contemporary line.
  • id really like to see his guitar dragon make a comeback it was sick and im sure that could go into the contemporary
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    I'm surprised you guys don't have a veterans team yet. especially with all these contests out there right now.

    having some pro vets might nudge board construction/shapes/concaves in the right direction. just sayin'.
  • well if he is riding for the current team, he still uses his old graphic which is hot. Its timeless like he is. He sells what he rides. His grafic on the old deck might be good for puting on a wall but the new shapes are better for todays skating. I bet his OG graphic would sell well.
  • I'd buy it - I love the old graphic, got 2 different colored T-shirts
    w/Cab dragon - Rollin 40 hit the nail on the head: "It's timeless like
    he is."
  • what cab reissue's are coming next? i would like to see the dragon from 89.
  • we do have a idea of what we are going to come out with next and believe me it will most likely stoke everyone out.
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