Bones Brigade Reissue 4th Colorway

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When can we expect the 4th colorway to be released?  

The 3rd Colorway was released around August so I would think that the 4th would be released around now.

Will the traditional "Pig" shape remain for McGill and Hawk?

Many people (Myself included) would prefer to see the "Bottle Nose" shape.


  • I don't think we'll see anything until next year, and they will highlight it in the next catalog.
  • I think it's been widely accepted that they will be the same pig shape. The only hint we have seen is that this colorway will be something "special" and all will be the same. I think they will be a color fade, all the same. There was a color fade bb poster that was teased a few weeks ago, which is why I think that will be the "special" color.

    Personally, I'm still holding out hope for a black lmfp. But from the tid bits we have heard, I don't think that's happening.
  • Hey Chris can you put the link up for that color fade thing please?

    On it says it was used to decide the color of some poster, basically a test palette.

    My thought that the last series of decks will be that color is pure speculation on my part. I just used the few clues we got. We know the last series will be "something special", which to me means they won't be standard. At some point it was mentioned that all 5 decks would be the same colorway. Also leading me to believe they won't be standard colors. Seeing that poster on the site made me come to my conclusion.

    I really hope I'm wrong, because I was REALLY hoping for a black lmfp. But it's all 100% baseless speculation on my part.
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    Ah yea thanks man. I'm still guessing tie-dye, sorta like the new decks they have up at the moment, that'd make sense with the clues we've been given. I seriously don't think they'd sell as quick as an original color run of the decks but would be interesting to see something fresh. I'd get a few of those (hawk, Mullen and lmfp) and set up the mountain with different colored wheels, green gullwings and do the griptape different colors and shapes..full rainbow deck
  • Could anyone help me understand a few things?

    Remembering back to I believe 2010 when Per Welinder agreed to do a limited run of 600 reissues in blue and another 600 reissues in Gray..... They sold out nearly immediately.  Right?  Only 1200 total Welinder reissues left the factory. Correct?

    I remember reading somewhere that Per got paid something modest per deck which put a few grand in his pocket.  A few grand that he really doesn't need due to his other successful business ventures.  The reality is that there is very little compelling a famous former pro skaters to agree to reissue their old decks.

    Carrying this train of thought forward....  The only thing compelling the bones brigade members to enter in to an agreement to make a limited number of reissues is a sense of Nostalgia, friendship, and camaraderie.  Not whatever they are getting paid.

    If this is in fact the case, this may be the only time Tony Hawk agrees to any reissues.  Just like the prevailing wisdom regarding Per and his limited run of reissues.

    Why not then manufacture the famous "Bottle Nose" shape in four awesome colorways for Tony?  You could have runs of the Yellow, Pink, Green, and Silver in the most popular shape with one of the coolest graphics.

    If Tony does not agree to any additional reissues beyond the current run of 10,000....  All we have is these "Pig" shapes that I do not recall from 1985-1988.

    Why not reissue Bonite?  I thought that was a very cool and unique feature of Powell Peralta decks.

    Mike McGill has been reissuing a deck every year since about 15 years ago.  Different colors..... but all "Pig" shape.  Is there a reason that there hasn't been a reissue of his that conforms more to the late '80s shape including the "snakeskin" background?

    Is it no longer possible to manufacture dragon top XT decks?  Not a single reissue has ever been done with bonite.

    Thanks for any information.
  • I think the common thought on riders agreeing to reissues has more to do with the fact that they currently ride for other companies.

    As far as bonite goes, it is widely viewed as a failure, old technology that didn't really work. Which is why they abandoned it back in the 80s. I doubt they would go back to it.

    I personally think they would have sold more reissue decks if they weren't pig shaped, as most people want the spoon nose and bottle nose. But that's just my opinion .
  • Yeah, they won't be reissuing any bonite, thankfully. Somebody asked Stacy about bonite at a screening last year and he basically denounced it saying it would have put them out of business if they were a lesser company
  • I'm sure there is a valid answer to the pig vs. desired shape question.  Tony refers to his cut shape very fondly in interviews - he rode that shape for 10 years.  So yeah, of course you release a pig.  Wait, what?  Would love to know the truth.

    And these McGills for years...  Who the hell is buying them?  (Full disclosure - purple is tempting, but still...)  Jesse (former SkateOne employee who used to admin this board) said that they 'lost the mold' for the McGill.  I'm no engineer, but I'm pretty sure I could figure out how to template from existing.  (Actually I am an engineer... But, anyway,  c'mon, India just sent a probe to goddam Mars...)
  • People are making their own molds from existing decks, I would think pp could too. It is curious why they chose the pig shapes. Personally I wouldn't have purchased any of them anyway, other than the lmfp, but I appreciate that many others would have preferred the spoon and bottle nose shapes, and maybe more importantly the graphics with the background graphics. The animal chin versions. But as a lmfp fan, I pretty much got what I was hoping for. Now I just wish the last color would be black.
  • Yes, thank goodness that Lance never had a pig...
  • as i always say just call up mcgill and ask for his deck to be traced then give it back
  • I would imagine they have one, no? I mean they should have one of every deck produced in some kind of display or another.
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    A possibility is that hawk & mcgill don't want those shapes, graphics reissued. Why else would there be no real answers as to why they haven't released them? If they came out and said that, people would troll them on social media so it's always best to keep dangling the carrot and say stuff like "it's being discussed". Like you guys are saying, if ordinary folk are cutting their own shapes, why couldn't a company that made those shapes be able to recreate the original. It's probably a cost thing. More expensive to produce and more time spent = less profit margin.

    The shapes haven't bothered me as much as the same colored gold dragon banner on top of the decks. On most of the decks it just looks odd. Pink hawk should of had blue dragon logo. I feel they cheaped out on that aspect of the decks
  • I wouldn't think it's a cost issue, I mean no matter the shape it's the same labor, technically more when you factor in the wheel wells. Plus they must be making a killing selling them for 100 a pop. But I figured that cost factored in rider fees, I don't see the guys taking $1 per deck at this point.
  • Haha, nah I wouldn't think so either for the ones riding for different companies
  • So how's your hybrid lmfp coming along Chris? Made a start yet??
  • I got the trace down, but I haven't set up the band saw. I did a test cut and the saw isn't true, so hopefully this weekend I'll get it adjusted and start really getting on it. It's funny, the trace is good, but there isn't a whole big difference in the tail end of the two decks. It looks like the hieroglyphs shape that's slightly thinner at the rear truck.
  • Well stated member SLIPPER; not having the correct color dragon logo on top is very disappointing. I wonder the thought process behind making the dragon logo on all the reissue the same gold color? It was also disappointing to see the heat transfers graphic applied over the section of the wheel well on the Lance Mountain deck.
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    Yea it's a strange decision but still...can't wait to see what they have up their sleeves for the next run! So far I've been about 70% impressed by the choices in decks/colors, hence the reason why I've bought about 10 of em so far :)
  • Funny, I never thought of the wheel wells being "painted". My first real board was an xt lmfp in 85, so I never knew wheel wells.
  • The new non-bonesbrigade McGill they have up is tempting, and at $70 is looking way more attractive than the wheel well the colors used
  • Now I'm more confused. Why would they release a pp, non-bb, reissue of that deck? Especially for 70? I don't know if that should make me happy or pissed. I'm so confused, my emotions are being played with.
  • Just a guess that PP has nailed down a new contract with MM. This could be a great sign for things to come. I am still waiting for the Steve Saiz reissues. I would just about kill for a Tommy G iron gate deck. Fingers crossed.
  • I wish they would put that McGill graphic/colorway on the 8.75 Ray Bones Popsicle. I like the 8.75 size, but am tired of the skull and sword graphic.
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