Mini Logo Wheels

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Has anyone tried mini logo wheels, how did they compare to other brands?


  • same as the powell wheels it's all the same urethane just costs less ive rode them ever since minilogo started back in the mid 90s
  • I have found them to be slower then the bones/powell wheels. 
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    i havent rode the recent minilogo wheels but they are good budget wheels i always bought the 101a colored non treaded ml wheels
  • If you like Bones 100's then Mini Logo wheels are the way to go. Same urethane, without graphics.
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    I'm thinking about the Mini Logo 90a hybrid wheels. How fast do they flatspot?
    Are Ricta wheels really worse than Mini Logo wheels?
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  • In my experience, Ricta makes good wheels that are smooth and super-fast, they just wear out faster than Bones.
  • Mini logo wheels are the best wheels on a budget, They provide a great quality wheel at a very affordable price.
  • I prefer the USA made 90a skateone wheels. Examples are Rat Bones, Oval Dragons, Skull and Sword. The mini logo hybrids are made in China and feel softer than the USA 90a formula.
  • The 90a Mini Logos are really cush and pleasant for cruising, but I can feel them deform on hard landings. I doubt if you could flatspot them, though I try to never say never.
  • anything 100a and less is pretty easy to flatspot
  • I guess I've never tried hard enough. Soft wheels are tough to slide (to me). I stick and fly off.
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