Powell Peralta ATF wheels

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Has anyone tried these out? The streets around me are rough and the 59mm look tempting .


  • I find them too mushy, and they don't slide *at all*.  In fact, they are known to blow off the core during slides.  But very fine for cruising.  
  •  I have a set of 54mm and 60mm " Da Bears." I use them on my boards when riding back and forth between my factory and my warehouse. Bad concrete, tons of pebbles and crummy asphalt. So far, they handle everything with smooth skating. I lean toward the 60mm just for faster speed in the one block skate from point to point.
  • I just got a set of Da Bears  and put them on a filming board. While they are quite, I find them to be mushy/soft and made my trucks feel loose. (I know that does not make sense.) Just not use to a very soft wheel like that. If your just using them to cruse around on ruff asphalt they would be fine. But as far as using them for skating in a park they are too soft. Or as far as using them for street skating I would not recommend them. I have found that after riding my filming set up with them them going back to a harder wheel it feels really weird. Just something you would have to get use to. If you can deal with a soft wheel then they are for you. If you ride a harder wheel, you might not dig them. Just my opinion.
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    This is the set up I have with the ATF wheels:
  • Nice lookin' cruiser...

    When I say mushy: I've taken them to a park and blasted ollies over humps.  When you land, to me there is noticeable compression, and it's a bit jarring - like a sudden stop, or like you are ollieing into sand.  Sort of, anyway...
  • For all terrain skating the 85a black rat bones or even the 90a rat bones work the best for me. That's all I ride at rough cement parks.
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