Wheelbases The NOS PP Decks Populating Ebay?

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I have been looking everywhere and cannot find the wheelbase on the NOS Nicky Guerrero Feather Decks and Underhill Cross Decks ( both the full sized models ). Anyone got that info or a link to sight that might? Thanks ahead of time for any help!


  • I may be wrong, but I think it's a  13-14" wheelbase on those Guerrero feather decks, at least that's what I remember.  It's rpetty in line with what was going on with decks (the move to more of a "street" deck) at the time. 

    Not sure on the Underhill, my guess is 14.5. 

    Someone break out a tape measure and help the man!
  • Most, if not all, of the Underhill Cross decks on ebay are the minis. The full size has the double drilled front truck location. Anything with a single drilled front truck is a mini.
  • How are those measured? It seems that deck wheelbase in the 80s was measured from different points than they are today.
  • The ad for the Underhill shows the wheelbase as 15 1/8. Not sure about the Guererro though, sorry
  • Thanks for the help on the RU. 15" + is perfect if I can find a full sized one that does not cost an arm and a leg ( and they are not danked already ). ;)
  • There was a full size one recently that went for $100. It measured 32.23x10. It was NOS and for some reason it was relisted several times before finally going for $100. It even had the ripper top graphic instead of the diamond top logo many of them had.
  • The Hill Ear's dual wheelbases are 14.6" and 14". 
  • Thanks for the info guys.
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