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After riding Indys for most of my life, I have decided to try mini logo trucks. I figure that since my setups are all skateone products, the trucks should be too. Anyone tried them out?


  • I haven't but have heard nothing but good things about them. I am waiting till they restock the 8.75's to get a set.Read the following link for a good review:

  • That's a interesting review, thanks for sharing. 

    I have 2 pair's of these trucks that came on Amazon blowout complete's. Haven't used them, maybe I will. They are quite light.
  • They are light, turn good, and grind good. Can't ask for more.
  • They are the best trucks around - period! 
    Indestructible! George knocked it outta the park with this design...only took 3 years or so. : )
  • I tried them out and they are light, turn great, and lock into grinds. But they are too low for me. I have ridden Indy standards for most of my life and they are about 8mm higher than the mini logo trucks. I mostly skate bowls and have no use for a low truck. I never liked low trucks because you have to ride smaller wheels and get more wheel bite.
  • Using riser pads on a low truck does the trick.
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    What Paul said. They turn alot better than any Lower truck that's ever come before. They turn better than pretty much most high trucks too! George def got the geometry right for a great all terrain truck, that's for sure.

    I also primarily skate bowls, and I skate better on Mini Logo's than any of my Indy's.
    Lower center of gravity, more control, which equals more confidence - and on every trick I ollie into there's quicker pop!

    I put Bones medium bushings in them and remove the top washer, super turney and yet super stable!

  • I have to give cred to the stock bushings. They are some of the best stock bushings around. Now they need to make 9 inch axles.
  • I am looking forward to getting a set of 8.75" when they get more stock but would love a set of 9" for sure!
  • No doubt, some mini logo's that i could use on my reissues would be rad
  • What risers would be recommended for 56 mm wheels?  1/4? 
  • Just got a set of the Mini Logo trucks and wheels, the wheels I'm familiar with as that's what we used for our price point and you don't have enough $ for spitfire wheels at the shop I worked at in Seattle. Anyway the trucks look nice and I'll be putting them and the wheels on a complete for my son that just turned three last weekend. I'm curious to see how they skate from the comments above but it looks like hes gonna have a few months on them before I get a chance to ride his board... I'm only two weeks into my ACL recovery. 
  • Take it easy on that shiney new ACL. ;)
  • I'm jealous! I don't have an ACL:(
  • Has anybody tried the Mini Logo 90A wheels???
  • I haven't tried the minilogo 90a, but I love the skull and sword 90a. For me 90a is the perfect all terrain hardness. Smooth on the streets and fast enough with good grip in bowls and pools. Once they get broken in, they slide nice. Lately I've been tired of having different decks and wheels for different spots, so I have created the all terrain board. The deck is the maroon ban this, Indy 159s, 1/8 soft riser, 58mm skull and sword 90a. This setup is perfection. Great old man street, park, bowl, ditch, setup.
  • I was going that same route fister, I had already been skating for two months without one and was thinking fuck it I can manage this. Then my dude are you doing, your 41 with a son that wants to skate and another one on the way brain kicked in and reminded me I have insurance..... the irony now I can't skate for six months.

    The minilogo wheels I just picked up for my son are the 90a but again it will be a few before I get to check them out. I figured those would be great for him around the neighborhood and where ever else I take him.
  • The doctor said he could graft me one but the body usually breaks it down and reabsorbs it. My bones are kind of hinged together. I have a lot less mobility but I can still skate. Thanks guys for the review on the 90A. I usually ride STF or mini logo 101's but the terrain around here is rough as hell. I'm gonna have to grab a pair.
  • I have no idea how you can skate without your ACL. I tried about thirty minutes after completely tearing mine. As soon as I tried a kickturn on a transition my leg buckled at an odd angle. When I put any pivot pressure on my foot it buckled. You are a tough sumbitch ( as we say it hear in Oklahoma ). I can tell you that if you can have it fixed, do it. My knee surgeon told me I would have serious arthritis from the rest of the knee being torn up from compensating for the missing ACL.
  • My knee's like bone on bone. That's how it stays together. It looks like I have 2 knee caps. The normal one and one on the side. I know when it's going to rain or snow two days in advance because it swells up so bad. Your doctor is 100% right about the arthritis. It sucks but nothing a handful of aspirin can't fix.
  • Bryson breaking in his new setup with mini logo trucks and wheels

  • little tacker goofy footed eeou!
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    I tried ML trucks too and was disappointed. Standard Indys with Bones Bushings works for me.
  • Wow, removing bad reviews from the forum? Lame
  • damn haha dont blame them though but whoever wrote that long ass post is gonna be pissed
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