Can this be repaired? (Skateboard Help)

Hello my fellow skaters,
A few years ago i bought my very first two skateboards from Jumbo (Greek toy company) and i must say i was really impressed with the quality of one of them. The other one wasn't as good. So a few days after we got them, my brother would go outside and kick it against a wall outside my house because he found it funny. Now a few years later, I started getting interested in skateboarding so i went to my basement and got the skates back. But what i found was horrible. The nose (of the good skate) had almost the half of it missing (because of my brother kicking it on the wall) and it was really sad for such a skate to go to waste. So i went here to see if anyone could help me with this issue.

I'm buying a new skate after the exams. (That doesn't mean im going to throw the old one away. (Obviously why i came here))
Because i'm buying a new skate, i probably won't have enough to buy a new deck for the old one.


The white thing inside the nose is some white stock that i used for hopefully clogging the hole up, but my stupid-as-fuck friend tried doing some ollies with it when i wasn't around and he totally ruined it. Didn't even give it a chance to dry up!
Any help would be grateful, thanks!


  • get a new one
  • That's a no brainer! Just get a new one.
  • If your considering fixing up that, then you need to get a scooter.
  • Trim it down and skate it with an "old school" nose. I always thought nose tricks with a popsicle is cheating anyway. Anybody can nollie when the "nose" is the same as the "tail". Do that shit on a 4 inch nose, then it's a nollie.
  • Lol I think doc said it best
  • Thant made me think Chris ... did you guys call a nollie a Chinese ollie at first, just wondering cause your from Florida. The first time I saw a Chinese ollie "nollie" was from a dude in Ft.Myers beach back in 87. He taught me now to do them off of cracks in the sidewalk basically by pressure on the nose and the crack would make it pop. By the next summer the crack was obsolete and nose pressure ollies onto curbs was the thing.
  • You know, now that I think about it, we did have a name for that type of nollie, but I don't know if it was a Chinese ollie or not.

    We used to do that with road reflectors, it's actually how I learned how to ollie.  Riding up to one, I lifted my front wheel over it and just jumped a little when the back wheel hit the reflector...I totally had one of those "Oh shit!" moments, and within minutes I was popping ollies.  My first real nollies were accidental one-foot nollies, because when I would kick the nose down and jump my front foot would ride out past the wasn't a "skill" thing, it's just how I did it.  Of course I totally played it off like "Yea, nollie one-foot...I do that shit all the time.".  Nobody ever called me out on the fact that I could ONLY do them one footed....and when I got my first kick-nose, I think it was the original 31" Barbee ragdoll....I couldn't do them one footed any more.  lol  Funny, I actually remember using that technique (Chinese ollie) and reflectors to clean my ollies up.  I had buddies who could ollie much higher than I could, but they were sloppy.  They never landed them smooth.  Back then I would rather ollie lower but cleaner and smoother.  Of course now I just want to not look like I have a muscular disease when I ollie, I actually LOOK like an old man skateboarding.  All stiff and shit.  
  • I am refinishing a longboard and friend was doing some art on the bottom I think he left a little water on it I have a small bubble. It's cosmetic and thin just want to know how to fix it? Should I sand it or glue it or?
  • I'm wondering what Winston's deal is here.
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  • I’ve been wondering too. There are a few with those robotic comments!
  • He is one of those AI bots for sure. Nobody would be called 'Winston' in real life
  • One of Winston’s links goes to what appears to be an e-magazine about skateboarding with all the articles written by Charles Harris. Maybe Winston is Charles Harris.

    A few times at my old local, there was a guy giving longboard skate lessons to a newb. It seemed like a “paid” gig. It was effin’ ridiculous. I wish I had said something when the “pro” instructed that if you know how to fall you don’t need a helmet.

    So *that* made me think that some *cough* people will learn the basics of something, think they are an expert, and then charge others for teaching. Here, we seem to have a person pretending to be a real authority, and on and old school OG forum no less! Makes them appear credible?
  • what about winston churchill or winston from that british follk band mumford and sons :P
  • So *that* made me think that some *cough* people will learn the basics of something, think they are an expert, and then charge others for teaching.

    Dunning-Krueger effect.

  • @brigade_bill you are supporting my point! Only 2 Winston's you could come up from were from across the pond. 'He' is probably an AI bot most likely from England
  • @nate I would opt sanding it
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