Mini Logo Bushings?

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hey, is anyone in here skating the mini-logo trucks?

what are the bushings like? Are they made of the same material as bones hardcores?


  • They are medium. I like them. They are not like Hardcores. They are just ordinary bushings that need a top washer but for being stock bushings they are great.
  • thanks fister.
    I realize they don't have the hard plastic inserts, I guess what I meant was the main part of the bushing. Are they using the same formula urethane for these mini-logo bushings?
    If so, I'm very interested in just the bushings.
  • I'm sure they are close to being the same but I don't think they sell just the bushings. Also, as far as I know they only make one hardness.
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    Pretty cool and awesome.

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  • For the price, I have no complaints about Mini Logo Trucks whatsoever. Great bargain truck all around.
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    I went with the Bones medium bushings and now regret it. Need to find something better, the price doesn't matter. What would you recommend?

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    A common problem with bushings, because of the thin top washer which has got a sharp edge:

  • try the hard bones bushings
  • I ride Indy 169s with bones soft bushings. Perfecto! Never had any problems. I replace my bones bushings annually.
  • You need harder bushings. You squashed those bushings by tightening them so much. I always run my nuts either flush, or at the most with half to one thread showing. Once you tighten it more than that you are deforming them too much for them to work like they should.

    Get harder bushings, and if you have more than a thread showing - get harder ones.
  • Green Tracker Superballs. Fuck the rest!
  • I agree with Bill and Wake. Tracker bushings took some getting used to for me, but they turned great! And Bones Hard are a good solution to any swap-out, if you like tight trucks.

    The bushings in my NOS Gullwings look like they are disintegrating as I break them in, but still feel okay. It's like they're flaking. Does anyone else riding Gullwings feel like their pivot cups are super loose?
  • If they're NOS I imagine they're probably breaking down from age, right? Petrochemical-based urethane will outgas even in controlled conditions and in my experience will crumble even as they pretty much maintain their properties of bushingness. Also agree that excessive cranking on bushings will lead to splitting sooner vs. later.
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    It sucks b/c I have some NOS Slime Balls, and they are fine. I am hoping there is some kind of limit to the crumbling where they are still functional, but I guess I could switch them out for some Bones Hard tops, and save myself the worry.
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