Mini Logo Bushings?

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hey, is anyone in here skating the mini-logo trucks?

what are the bushings like? Are they made of the same material as bones hardcores?


  • They are medium. I like them. They are not like Hardcores. They are just ordinary bushings that need a top washer but for being stock bushings they are great.
  • thanks fister.
    I realize they don't have the hard plastic inserts, I guess what I meant was the main part of the bushing. Are they using the same formula urethane for these mini-logo bushings?
    If so, I'm very interested in just the bushings.
  • I'm sure they are close to being the same but I don't think they sell just the bushings. Also, as far as I know they only make one hardness.
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    Pretty cool and awesome.

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  • For the price, I have no complaints about Mini Logo Trucks whatsoever. Great bargain truck all around.
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