Street plant skateboards?

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Ok, stop me if you've heard this before. Mike V has moved on from elephant skateboards and has started, yet another, new company. Which makes me ask the obvious question. .. when is Mike coming back to PP?


  • Hahahaha, that's what I thought! Reading the street plant mission statement was like déjà vu
  • street plant is a clothing brand
  • He's gonna do boards under that brand now too he's said
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    lol i think he sold the rights to elephant anyway to select dist
  • If you check out his facebook (doc's favorite), he went off on a street plant mission statement a week or so back about having complete control of his vision/company, and how he'll never again be controlled, yadda yadda... In the comments, I think it was, he mentioned doing boards
  • I like Vallely but dayum man, lol
  • I heard that Jason Adams is the boss at Elephant now and that Mike handed over the marketing and distributing to Select.
  • As soon as elephant went to select you knew something was up. Its just business at this point, let select handle everything and take a little cut.
  • Let them handle it, collect a check, then bitch about control
  • looks like svitak is dropping 1031 to ride for vallely
  • whores dont change underwear as much as this guy changes companies
  • I'm surprised svitak stuck with the beer city deal for that long, he had a tiny run for a minute but that's it.

    This whole starting a new company called faceplant has me confused. From the first impression a couple months back it seemed played and I'm thinking is he going to reissue some of the same tired ass decks with another logo on them.

    I think vallely thinks he's Evel Knievel and is jumping a shark
  • The fonz did that as well i believe lol
  • mike v pp return this fall ;)

    Contact Person: Mike Vallely

    Street Plant Battalion / Ground Assault Division Skater

    Svitak is the newest member of the Street Plant Battalion Skateboard
    Team, although he is no stranger to the sport itself. His name continues
    to be passed around the skateboard grapevine as being one of the most
    dedicated skaters anywhere.

    Mike Vallely, president of the Long
    Beach based Street Plant skateboard company says of the not-so-young
    skater, Simply put, Kristian is one of the most passionate skaters
    around. He seems to have stayed true to his own personal style of
    skating and maintained his own personal approach. He is simply one of my
    all-time favorite skateboarders!

    Vallely recently returned from
    San Diego where he had dinner with Svitak and agreed to put him on the
    team. Emily Vallely, vice-president of Street Plant says, Kristian is
    like my big brother. I remember touring through France and Switzerland
    with him in 2000 and us getting car sick together.

    The Street
    Plant skateboard company will be releasing a new signature model Svitak
    skateboard, resplendent with his busted-ass-grill staring into the
    future of skateboarding. With T-shirts and stickers and skateboards all
    helping to spread Svitak's name through the land, it would seem that he
    is about to become a household word."
  • Street Plant Battalion, interesting name. Kind of pays "tribute" to another skate team.
  • Street Plant Battalion, interesting name. Kind of pays "tribute" to another skate team.
  • .........Doesn't have the same ring as....THE BONES BRIGADE"..........l have full respect for Mike V, but this seems a little like Mike taking the same path as Stacey........without any nod towards him either....... 
  • Just read that this deck will be reissued by streetplant

    photo 31-copy_zpsxx7rrmtb.jpg
  • Great skater, bad businessman.
  • I like vallely never a dull moment and don't take shit from anyone just my 2 cents
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    Mike is still a part of Elephant, they just released some new decks and he has several new shapes and graphics. Maybe streetplantbrand is going to be a way for him to reissue his decks.
  • Ptown, I agree, he is a great skater and keeps the skate community going either with drama or cool new products.
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