Can you do reissues like Vision is doing?

It's been discussed a few times that Lance, Tommy, Hawk, etc. won't authorize reissues. Why not do what Vision did with the Gator and the Gonz reissues? Just omit their name?

I know I sure as hell would buy a Lance FP reissue if it said 'Powell Peralta' instead of 'Lance Mountain'... And a Welinder too. And probably everything else...

Come to think of it, PP basically did this with the 'Skull and Sword' boards in the 80's...


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    Yeh makes sense, I'm down for that, I skate reissues anyway (hate popsicles and I'm only 21yrs old) So it doesn't matter if it says the pros name, I just love the graphics/shapes/colors
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    because the riders own the rights to the graphic as do powell so if one of them says no then the whole thing is off and as for vision it is made in china now cause airwalk took over vision about 2-3 years ago
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    the company does own the rights to the graphics but we just choose not to produce those decks at this time. George is the owner of the graphics and he can do as he pleases with them.
  • That's what I always thought Jesse.
  • Shoot then, if George owns them, do it up! I could see on the one hand it might burn some bridges, but on the other hand, it might show the riders that there is some money to be made with or without them...
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    i wouldnt buy em if they didnt say the riders name on it. sorry, i know im not the only one that feels that way. trust like a stack of mountain fp's but no lance mountain name..not the same.. such a shame.. too bad he's to blame..hate this sign off on graphics game..(cant belive i just wrote that, that was so LAME! ) =)
  • yea it is a 2 way street
  • What a terrible idea! Vision sucks and if Powell were to do something like that, they would face so much back-lash that it would probably ruin them. Brad Dorfman has no integrety, and George Powell does (or so I would hope, I've never met him). That whole Vision "Gonz"/"Gator" re-issue is so corny they must be making them in Iowa, but Iowa isn't in China, so... ok, rant over. Don't do it.
  • The reason they removed Gator's name I heard was cause he murdered that chick. Damn Gator why you gotta get all crazy?
  • yea he went crazy so they removed it
  • yea i cant really say why Vision did what they did. they probably have plenty of reasons. the whole murder thing would have done it and probably breached his contract by just a tad (sarcasm). maybe they dont want to be associated with the tragedy? only they know the real reason. as for us, im sure George wants to do things properly which would be reissuing them with the ok from the riders to put their names on the decks. im a oldschool skateboarding fan and i would only want to see them done correctly. wheel wells on the other hand and dipped decks i agree we should be doing but then production costs would go up as would the retail costs. so i am happy without the wheel wells for now.
  • With regard to wheel wells - the Future Primitive video makes it looks so easy! Some sort of sand belt machine, bing-bang-boom it's done...
  • but the way we apply graphics would make it not a easy task.
  • Yeah Jesse I'm with you on the true look of the re-issues including riders name. There are plenty of uncut blanks you can buy and trace your fav old shape on if thats all you want. A shop near me has had the same "Gator and Gonz" re-issues on their wall for almost two years now! In contrast the Santa Ripper and McGill bottle nose they had sold within days! George is right to do it this way and if nothing else he is a master at building the hype so we all buy them!
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