Bones Parts

If you guys have any spare tail bones or nose bones, I would hang on to them... I've been to five skate shops in the last two days and still have come up empty handed for either. Starting to think about making my own tail bone. Any idea what type of material they were made from exactly? I'm thinking one of those plastic cutting boards and a band saw may be the answer...


  • Oldschool that would probably work. So would a wood block like way back in the day. remember the plastic "360 Dome" on Nash boards from the 80"s just copy that to wood like the Z Boys did and your set, all though not quite a durable as plastic. Or use sheet metal and watch the sparks fly!
  • yeah i cant imagine any skateshops would have any plastics anymore. ebay.. however.......... has everything!!! =) thats why i stocked up whe i could.. i have about 20 nos tailbones/ 14 rib bones/ 10 nosebones/ and about 11 pairs of gorilla rib rails of various colors(my favorite)/ i probably wont build that many more boards...but...then again...maybe i will =)
  • I found some parts on eBay, so that's probably where I'll end up buying them. Would like to give the business to a local skateshop, but I guess that's how it goes... With everything cheaper online, I don't know how these little independent shops can stay in business.
  • it's called shipping lol
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