Per Welinder freestyle reissue

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Did they ever reissue Per's skinny freestyle deck like they did Mullen's? Or just the bigger street board?


  • They did Jb :-)

  • Is this the one??
  • Sort of. I mean the shape of the red one with the graphic of the blue one.
  • I can't see anything bro. I don't think they did.

    BTW which deck do you like better Mullens freestyle or Per's? I choose Per Welinder's because of the shape.
  • I didn't think there was much difference in the shapes of Mullen's deck and Per's deck back in the day. Was there?

    I was always a Per fan because he was a little more "down to earth" than Mullen. I don't mean his personality, but his style. His part in Ban This is so cool. He's obviously just having so much fun. Nothing crazy or game-changing, just solid freestyle.

    Not to say he wasn't amazing, he was the only guy to ever beat Mullen in a contest, but his tricks weren't as unattainable as Mullen's in general. Mullen was out of this world, still is. And to be fair, the contest Per beat Mullen in wasn't Rodney's best day. He was way off his game.

    I kind of look at Kilian Martin as a Per Welinder type freestyler. He's not super amazing, but he's fun to watch and he has a good time doing it.
  • Yeah man, I agree about Per. I used to fast forward through freestyle to be honest except for Per"s parts. They've never done a Welinder freestyle, just the Harris and Mullen. A friend of mine would flip if they ever did do one
  • I think the reissues look the same as the one from the 80's.

    Yup! He seems less serious than Mullen. And also yes Rodney was way off his game at that time. It was the time when he started having problems and that was also the time when other bones brigade members started having problems. Tony's dad wanted him to stop skating while Lance had a kid. Idk if my facts are in the same time and is straight but I think that's what happened.

    Are we the only one conversing on this website right now? Every body must've taken a brake from here after all that utter garbage yesterday.
  • Hey pp where is everybody? It's like we're the only ones here right now. lmao
  • Only the blue,charcoal grey and the lime are the only ones I remember that have only been reissued in the full size street.
  • Everybody is bailing cause they're tired of the b.s.
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    @ppk187 I think (I hope) all the troll bs is over. Hopefully some of the long time members who said they are bailing won't. It sucks because I just joined this forum a few days ago and now everyone is leaving, lol...

    Anyway, I never had a skinny freestyle board back in the day but I'd like to have one to goof around on these days. Just for fun. I could get a Mullen reissue, I guess. Probably the same specs.

    I wonder, with all the small indy start-ups out there these days, if somebody (besides Skate One reissues) is making old school style setups.
  • I've had the same though about getting a freestyle set up man, never had one myself. Do you mean old school freestyle style setups or in general?
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    Old school freestyle. Skinny board. My main ride is that tye dye Sword & Skull slappy that I posted a picture of in my Introduction thread.
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    i joined like the first day then i think like a year later or something they updated the forum to what u see now and it says u joined in 2011
  • Yea, same here Brigade_Bill. 2011 since the update. Good times brotha!
  • Cool site @ppk187 - glad you guys are hanging around!
  • Good morning fellas. i was asleep for the last 8 hours, that's why you haven't seen me. i don't see you as a 'wham bam thank you maam' type of guy bb :-) and you won't see me leaving either, i like the knowledge, history, and interaction sides too much really. good to see you all still here
  • I've always said that those reissues of pers' streetstyle deck with the money bumps remind me of the vallely reissue that i have. it is lime green and is a 2008 reissue. at the same time the released this super spaz looking vallely which was also lime green and the elephant in the graphic looked spastic, as did the shape. was this deck also a reissue, or a one off? what was the point of this deck? does anyone have a picture?
  • I'll never leave this forum. Even though there are trolls. I will fight them to death!
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