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  • Hey Doc how did you like your Cab Ban This?
  • I guess anything is possible and we should know very soon.
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    Those Jason Adams decks reminded me of this pretty recent video...

    Slappy master. SoCal has the Elephant deck he's riding in this video on sale right now. 45 bucks.
  • Paul its one of the best decks Ive ridden in years. Works for me in all sorts of places & parks.
  • Seems fitting for this thread

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    I like the look of the Omar. Pink hawk looks rad!!!!
  • @wakeinfright Its just a stock picture... they all are but supposedly this will be the Omar graphic that is reissued. I'm leaning towards the Sam and the Streetstyle, think I read that he wants to reissue the Streetstyle in epoxy... guess we will see
  • Stock or not it's shit hot mudslinger. Check out that awesome woodgrain….ffwoarr!
  • Love that Omar!
  • I want that Neil Blender " get rad and drink tea " deck.
  • You might be able to find one of these but very limited, two runs with a total of 70 decks. 19sk80s

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  • the owner of rip n dip apparently beat up his gf last year
  • Sounds like a great reason to not buy his product if that's true. I've never heard of rip n dip before this thread.
  • Well that sucks and I agree about the support question mark. I can't find anything to support it being true, just a picture that some chic posted on insta claimin she got beat and a thread on Slap talking a bunch of shit and not knowing facts. 

    Was it confirmed @brigade_bill ? because I'll remove the picture, I don't want to support some jack ass that beats his girl.
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    well u got as much info as i do but i guess she wouldnt post it if it wasnt true
  • Yeah I guess she wouldn't.. Really dude? I am completely against women being hit but that's a pretty niave statement to make. You must have never dated a crazy woman. Non the less I will remove out of principal and I can only hope for her sake he got it handed to him for being a chump.
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    Mother collective

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    haha i know there are crazy women out there and maybe she did it for attention but once in awhile u gotta give ppl the benefit of the doubt but there was also a podcast about how much of a piece of shit that dude is and there was a story just last week of this woman who stabbed her bf because he ate all the salsa
  • Talk about chicks stabbing guys.. Another Florida story where some crazy chic stabbed her boyfriend because he farted on her... Cuckoo
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