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  • The grosso and Jesse are some of the few of the Santa Cruz graphics that I actually like
  • I don't remember the Grosso having that long of a nose, and that much concave. I could be wrong though.
  • The Santa Cruz reissues always look cool, but feel awful.  It's like the nose is modern concave with a huge kick and the tail is OG flat. 
  • For me the graphics are cool and iconic, Jim Phillips was an awesome artist but that's about it.
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    photo Screenshot_2015-05-12-23-27-032_zpsw1lyxwtt.jpg
    photo alv_sf042_zpsofpse6ad.jpg
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    These are not mine and not available, I'm just sharing for the viewing pleasure. Perfect example of how any graphic can be put on any shape.

    photo kolo.jpg_zpsrqueia1q.png
  • Love that Alva and the Jinx
  • That Hosoi is rad! Select is on top of the reissue game. Lots of color choices and not too expensive.
  • I just ordered the black Rocket Air. I'll throw some Indy 149s and OG green rat bones on it. Stoked!
  • Nice, can't wait to see it!
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    my fav Hosoi deck, shame its a mini
  • It's only a quarter of an inch narrower than the OG Hammerhead. And like three quarters of an inch shorter? Not a big difference, still very skate-able deck. Not a mini by today's standards, really. Awesome graphic.
  • That Hosoi deck a few posts up...I'm must be in the minority, but I have always hated that graphic. Looks like some

     high school student drew that.

  • New Duane Peters deck...

  • What is it with graphic designers these days? I personally believe the colourway on the right is the most acceptable, and his name should have been in green. And ol mates face and hand should have been green in the lot. And the tongue and gums red, and the teeth yellow
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    Idk I like them all. That red one is the coolest, though.
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    Lance did this for Jeremy birthday got to get one these doughboys
  • Thats awesome
    Any specs for it? Looks like a good rider
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