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  • i agree im sure they will turn up at some point
  • > what does that bottom of that truck look like? if you tighten up that king pin will it stick down lower then the base plate like the old school ones? So you need to ride risers to make up for it or hack saw it off..

    It is recessed. It also does not use a traditional nut like the old-school ones or the Krux. Instead, it is a threaded insert that goes up further into the baseplate. This means that they should not have the kingpin wobble of the original Grind Kings, Krux or Royal Inverted.
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    Would it really be that hard to thread a baseplate? Wouldn’t that be the best option? About 12mm of tapped thread that the bolt screws into....not really rocket science!
  • Bill - have you seen these? Very nice in person, I grabbed a couple. Things are so crazy, these were about all they had in stock!

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    yea ive seen them before vu is 20 min from me
  • Same, I’m in Perry Hall. Stop by to see Gary probably once a month.
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    dope i went to summer school in perry hall lllooollll if u ever want to pick up some wheels or something give me a holler also just got pavement wheels shirts in about 2-ish weeks ago and i talked to my friend on facebook and he was at vu over the weekend and he said vu didnt have shit either so then he decided to go to towson to zoom zooms
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    just want to let everyone know i got a new homie that signed up to the forum @Tangles he is from san diego and has been skating since atleast the late 70s i believe
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  • @brigade_bill that Sketch dude kills it. He is from around my area.
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    yep that's my dude been skating with him since the early 2000s and i just talked to him and he says he knows the guy who does ur filming
  • r.i.p. to soc shape 126
  • the financial report finally came out about dwindle and globe and globe sold off dwindle for 7.1 million aud which was 5.1 million usd
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    Peter and Stephen Hill are Globe, which was Hardcore. In this 80’s episode of 60 Minutes (Australian), you see the pair, Lee Ralph, Gregor Rankine, John Gibson, Bill Danforth and Craig Johnson!
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    yep i know a little bit of pre-globe history and thank u for reminding me about something
  • Pretty sure that was mid to late 87/88....a nice window into what skating was like back then.
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    yea i dont know exactly when hardcore started but i do know it turned into globe in the mid 90s my home girl from australia that i was tight with for a good while gave me a short history lesson about it back in the mid 2000s that is how i know about it
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    Hardcore was extremely short lived. It probably started around 85-86, and I believe was only a distributor. They were pushing Variflex prior to Lee Ralph getting into Vision, and actually released a book called “Blast! A history of skateboarding!” around 1986, and it was full of the guys doing trick tips and how to make ramps, and ever was skating Variflex decks and Tracker trucks!
    “ The foundation of Globe International was established in the 1980s, with the founding of Hardcore Enterprises, an Australian-based company specialising in products that appealed to the skateboard and street fashion markets. In 1985, former Australian skateboarding champions Peter and Stephen Hill, along with brother and current Globe International CEO Matt Hill, began Hardcore which would later develop into one of the world's largest skateboard distribution companies.[3] The Hills cited that they were unsatisfied with the lack of quality skate products they required, and thus they went into business to import US skate products to Australia.[4]

    The Hills continued to promote skateboarding, writing two books on the subject[5][6] and producing skate videos. Through constant promotions, tours, contests, video and magazine advertising, Hardcore became a driving force behind the skateboarding explosion during the mid-1980s in Australia and New Zealand. The first diversification company "Die Hard Pty Ltd" was founded in 1987 as a clothing and accessories division of the business. Die Hard's first licensed label was Vision Streetwear.”
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