• I have that natas reissue in red and purple there done sweet
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    I seem to remember my one of these being slightly more aqua colour, but maybe not. Some colourways were way better than others. If only they would re-ish!
  • Super awesome font on that Ken Park! That is one thing that I believe Powell Peralta boards were lacking in the 80's, a variety of unique fonts on their designs.
  • @wake?? What? Look at the fonts on any of cabs, mcgill skull and snake, flaming dagger, all of them are unique
  • Sorry slipster I wasn't explicit with what I was saying. The Powell Peralta font on the bottom of every skaters deck was that Bauhaus varient, whereas brands like Vision reflected the pros font/design, like above, and the Lee Ralph etc
  • They were both cool. I still love that PP logo. It's classic.
  • PP brands their goods so you know right away what it is, like a McDonald's logo.
  • yea the bubble font they use is super dope
  • I don't deny that it's good and smart, especially on the top deck graphic, but they jumped on the " unique to the rider" graphic/font thing a little later than other brands. Like when the winged ripper was specific to the rider, i.e. doughboy, mech dragon, junior, Barbee, all way cool with the varients. Then things changed even more so like the hill ear top logo that i use as my avatar. Other brands were doing this stuff 5-10 years earlier
  • True...still better than the new top logo. That's crud
  • 100% behind you on that one slipster...it's so lazy!
  • Lol I was waiting for someone to say that!!! The new logo is terrible! They made a great move changing the ratbones back to the old vato skull. They just have to go back to the ripper for top graphic. It could look awesome pretty much with any character bottom graphic.
    Not that anyone else listens to our yapping here but if they did, they'd make a good move. I'm Sure!
    ...and that t-shirt with all the top winged versions...dope!
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    I agree. I have a board with the new top graphic and it is pretty weak. Not sure who thought that font was a good idea. Just the simple Triple P logo in the middle with "Powell" on the left and "Peralta" on the right would make for a nice top graphic.
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    Ditto jb, I have the McGill fun shape and I kinda wish I would have just gripped over the whole top without leaving the death metal PP font exposed. I may still do a regrip.
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    An easy, $10 solution. I may do the same. That McGill fun shape is a cool board. What trucks & wheels are you running on it?
  • I did that with my Underhill because of that silly winged pp logo that they did for a bit
  • x2 agreed
    new logo = crud
  • Yeah, agreed new logo is bunk. The winged one on that Underhill is even cooler
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    @jb77 - My McGill fun shape is set up with Thunder 151 Sonora black trucks. Had some g-bones on it that I got for dirt cheap but they felt like shit, took them off and haven't put new wheels on yet.
  • When I say my Underhill ppk187, it's the second one. The first had the modified winged ripper, while the second one was this weird stylistic winged double p. The Barbee tarot cards had it as well. Better than the present logo, but far from the best
  • Yeah I know the one... That's what I mean... It wasn't a great graphic but still better than the new one
  • Yeah at least it had some continuity with the winged ripper and triple p I guess ppk187
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    i like the dragon because it is one of my favorite graphics but the font choice is indeed horrific this is how it should have been doneimage
  • Oh that winged pp logo is also terrible! I have it on 4-5 decks like the tarrot and the cab mask. But really hate the halloween new logo.
    Still, i like the new coffin graph and the hippie one. What about u guys?
  • That Casket Funshape deck is cool, I considered getting one recently. I actually think the red death metal logo works on that board.
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