• I want one of those casket decks as well... so much on the want list right now though
  • Not a rare one, but I want a bug deck, don't see them reissuing them. I know they used to be easy to find for cheap, not so much anymore. Anyways, red bug on black, blue or silver checkers.
  • @HawkHair there is a an awesome Yellow with Red Bug on the Bay - I think it's the more rare bug with the rounded nose, not the same shape as the Ripper/Sword and Skull.

    Right now it's at $265 with 2 days to go.

  • For some reason I love the bug! Especially with bugs background.
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    I never cared for the bug when I was kid, but now I appreciate VCJs art much more. I also find it endearing that Vallely rejected it. @jakethesnake, saw the bay deck and the yellow is friggin awesome, but I'm sure it will go up out of my current bug price range.
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    I hate to derail the bug thing cause I like them too but since you through the V word in there I have to ask cause someone knows ... Did jump off a building like Bam Margera to get your fame Mike Vallely come up with the elephant or did VCJ make it.
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    George: "So, Mike...what do you think of your pro model. You're a bug!"
    Mike V: "Fuck that Georgie, I'm not something people squash with their flip flops. Dude, treat me like that and I'll start my own company, again and again. Even though I don't have a great business acumen, I have a long memory!"
    George: "Long memory eh? You've got a pretty fucked up nose and you're a bit of a wing nut, so rogue elephant it is. Sign off on it or fuck off!"
    Mike V: "Hoo Kay..."
    VCJ: "Yeah, the little shit still bugs me though George!"
  • The bug deck, along with the hieroglyphic team deck, seems to have a strange history. Back around 99 or so I remember seeing those decks all over ebay for dirt cheap. I never thought collecting decks was a thing then, I only wanted two specific decks. Then in the mid 00s, collecting seemed to take off and those two decks skyrocketed in price. The rider decks went up too, but they were always fairly high to begin with, compared to the team decks.
  • I bought my first lot of Hawks for $99 each in 01 or 02 .. one of those years anyways.
    Bugs at the same time for even less.
    Like many old timers I purchased them from the 2 main places that had them, no auction sites required.
  • If anybody has any for sale..... I need a used black and used white tail bones.
  • Hey @skully there is a guy in the WLSC group on FB that has a ton of plastics for sale.
    photo FB_IMG_1439511271275_zps9skcsciu.jpg
  • The Dr as well! Remember his basket of goodies?
  • Ive seen the ad on S&B, and just have a hard time fucking up a NOS part. It needs (well, should be) a used one as it needs to match some HAMMERED ass Gorilla Ribs I got ahold of.

    I requested to be added to that facebook group this morning, but havent been added yet.

    Thanks for looking out!!


  • yea ppl take forever to add ppl to fb groups
  • Man I miss the double radius rib bones..
  • which group is it again?
  • I got added to that group. Finally found the guy and all he wants to sell is like 3 pink ones and a yellow one. Fuck. Might have to bite the bullet and go after the NOS one on S&B.

    and @ppk, I have some nice black double radiused rib bones. Trade for a nice used white tail bone. :)

  • Damn @skully... Wish I had one
  • Seriously, surely the Dr would have something laying around!
  • I would think getting something from the Doc might be cost prohibitive due to shipping that shit from "convict island" to the states.
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    things are exy here on the island in the middle of nowhere
    I dont sell anyways
  • That shit was funny, doc you gonna go out in a blaze like big.kahuna.burger with your OG wood plastic and urethan? Then nobody wins?
  • He sells his wood to some guys Muddy! I've seen it in other threads
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